OOTD + Zensaki Sushi

Monday, 18 November 2013

Some photos from last week when we went to Zensaki in Northbridge with a Groupon for all you can eat sushi for $15 a head! Food is crazy expensive in Perth, my Dad (who lives in Singapore) gains much amusement by asking over the phone every few months 'so how much is a plate of chicken rice in Perth these days?' The answer to that is $12-15. I know right, ridiculous! Hence all you can eat sushi for the price of one meal is AMAZING! Sadly the Groupon is over, I wish we had bought more. 

We went with our Les Mis crew- Steph, Yanto, Kai Ying and I. Les Mis crew as we are traveling over to Melbourne together next year to see the Australian production of Les Miserables, being the hard kore fans that we are! The story behind that is actually hilarious. We weren't even thinking of purchasing tickets, but on the opening of the ticket sales I had such a strong sense of FOMO that I started panicking and bugging Steph and Yanto about going to Melbourne. A quick Google of our Uni timetable did it. We had set the dates, the only problem was contacting Kai Ying to see whether she wanted to come because Steph didn't want to third wheel along with Y and I. She wasn't picking up her phone and we were all panicking because seats were disappearing before our very eyes! So I just bought 4 seats to see Les Mis in Melbourne... Without asking Kai Ying. LOL. 

Well that went off topic! 

I wore a super pretty lace shift dress from Forever New only to step outside and find it was freezing. I toughened up the outfit with my every day Zebra jumper from Stylenanda, the only thing edgy enough to match my crazy new shoes. See my makeup tutorial for this look here!

My new shoes from Zu, from over $100 down to $35. Sure they are not everyone's cup of tea, but I think they're pretty rad! They are now covered in blood because we walked too far and my feet blistered haha!
This is the sight I am greeted with every morning. I braided Yanto's hair only to have him take it out a few hours later because he got a headache -__-. Fairly sure he's playing Guild Wars 2 here.

We managed to eat $130 worth of sushi within an hour! The sushi was not as fresh or as 'creative' as Jaws, but it was a lot cheaper (without the voucher). I really liked the booths and the atmosphere though, and would probably go back to Zensaki over Jaws.

Well this was a mish-mashed post!


PS. My hair is now dark brown (almost black) with a cherry red dip dye! Pictures to come when I can be bothered to do my hair after exams. It was a big change for me and I'm still getting used to it!

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