Verikos Aloe Calming Oil Review

Friday, 29 November 2013

We all know that Aloe Vera has healing and anti inflammatory properties and Verikos has stepped it up with this formula just in time for Summer!

'The Aloe Calming Oil raises skin that is under stress by an outside hazardous article moistly and comfortably.'

The ingredients list is impressively short and pure, consisting of: Aloe Barbadenis Leaf extract, Argania Spinosa, Kernel Oil and Tocopheryl Acetate. As you can see, this product is mostly plant based. What's more, the oil is certified organic which is amazing! On the box it specifically points out the harmful ingredients that have not been added such as parabens, alcohol, mineral oils and SLS.

The 'pureness' of the ingredients impressed me and I had a few ideas up my sleeve to test this product.

The solid, brown cardboard box gives the product a natural and biodegradable appearance, keeping in line with the nature of the product. I love the look of brown paper bags over plastic bags any day, so I quite liked how simple this was. The bottle itself looks like an essential oil. It consists of a dark bottle with a simple label and an eyedropper tool for precise control down to the drop. All in all, very simple and organic.

Texture and Application
The eyedropper is perfect for distributing this runny oil. According to the instructions, only 1 or 2 drops are needed per area because the formula is extremely thin and watery. Once massaged around the area, the oil sits on the surface of the skin, creating a highly moisturizing barrier. There is an extremely slight 'plant' smell with this product, some may argue there is no smell. Seeing as this is a natural product intended to calm irritated skin, the lack of fragrance is comforting.

Does it Work?
Here is the fun part! I decided to only test this product on irritated skin, to see whether the claims were true. My main experiment was on Yanto. He has had chronic eczema (a recurring, non-infectious, inflammatory skin condition) since he was a child. He has never managed to cure it no matter how many creams, soaps and treatments he has tried and it had recently flared up again a few weeks ago. 

I told him to apply 2 drops to the affected areas twice a day. The first time he used it, he could already feel a difference and said the patches were less itchy. Lets look at the proof:

An eczema patch before treatment. See how it is raised, scaly, red and itchy looking.
 4 days later, this is the result:
The patch is a lot flatter and the redness has reduced dramatically. You can see some traces of normal skin returning!
The patches have continued to improve since then and we are wondering whether this product has the power to cure his eczema completely. If it does, it will be remarkable as he has suffered from this for many years!

I have tried this product on myself on mosquito bites and irritated pimples. The oil reduces redness moderately and actually stops the itchy feeling on mosquito bites! This allows my skin to heal faster. On pimples, it dramatically reduces swelling and redness within half an hour, allowing me to cover everything up perfectly.

We both LOVE this product. If you have irritated, red skin be it acne, eczema or rashes, this product is definitely worth a shot. The plant ingredients make it gentle on the skin and we have found it to dramatically reduce inflammation, making your skin look and feel better. If this manages to cure Yanto's eczema, it will certainly be a miracle product. I will definitely update in a month's time as we are taking this on holiday!

A very happy user of Verikos Aloe Calming Oil
*I received this product for free for review purposes. All opinions are honest and my own.

Update 3/2/14- the patch shown on Yanto's hand has completely disappeared with frequent use of the Verikos calming oil, Lush's dream cream and weekly exfoliation with Cure aqua gel. This combination of products has proven to work wonders on his chronic eczema and it is now completely flat and looks like normal skin. Amazing! 

I took this product on our Japan holiday during the Winter season where my skin started to dry up and flake off terribly. I used this product generously on my skin every night which decreased the flakiness greatly. It did not completely eradicate them but it was the most effective product I tried. Still love this product although I use it less now during Summer! 


  1. Oooh I'll try this on my niece. She has severe eczema too. I actually never thought of using it for that. :)

    1. How did it go?! I love this product so much, been using it every night in Japan to keep my flakes at bay ^^