Volunteer Trip to Nepal Fundraising- Music Concert!

Friday, 15 November 2013

Last week, our group of youths that are traveling to Nepal held a music concert variety night at North Perth Church to raise funds (read my previous post on Nepal here). It was mostly organized by Lydia, our amazing team leader who manages to work and co ordinate our Nepal group and most of the fundraising events. She even organizes team work out sessions to make sure we are all fit enough to partake in trekking and laboring! I think she's superhuman. 

Earlier this year I coordinated a movie night at Ace cinemas which made over 2k. It was satisfying, but I was so stressed out! So much work goes into these events and it's wonderful to be part of something bigger than myself and my bubble. All of the funds raised are going towards the renovation of the school- hiring skilled builders, purchasing the materials for new furniture etc.We are each paying out of our own pockets for our flights!

Here are some of the photos from the night, they were taken by Steph L and Matt Blagden- thank you guys for capturing these memories. Not so much thanks to Steph though, she manages to capture my worst expressions.... Seriously uncanny timing -__-. It's hilarious but at the same time, what the! Joking, I still very much appreciate you :)

Turning on the charm whilst manning the sweets table. It reminded me of when I used to work in hospitality at Sizzler (Don't laugh)

Some of the team (17 in total but a few are missing) giving a speech on the project.

Lydia even managed to get the Nepalese community in Perth involved! There were Nepalese dancers and singers performing and they were stunning. They have been so supportive of our project, big thanks if you are reading this!

This was the most decent photo Steph took. My eyes are half closed and Yanto's are fully closed.

Superhuman Lydia giving a presentation on the village we will be in!

My proud moment- I designed our team T shirts! I suppose those two years of studying graphic design finally came in handy. I'm so proud that the team liked my design and seeing it in print was so cool!

The best part is that through that night alone we raised around 2k! And look at our Everyday Hero account- total raised is $26,017.50! I can't believe we did it in less than a year- it's amazing.

We leave on the 30th November. For our progress and adventures please bookmark my blog and follow me on Instagram @kim_kine!

Feeling happy, accomplished and proud...despite still being in exam period!



  1. Good job on fundraising guys! Hopefully the trip is super successful and uber awesome :) Looking forward to seeing the posts.

    Best of luck you guys :D

    1. Thanks so much Nhi! That is, is we get internet at all hehe :P.

      Btw, I am now obsessed with the Otori Trilogy- it's beautiful and heartbreaking :( I'm on the 2nd book now!

  2. Aww, I will miss seeing your blog posts. That being said seems like a lot of people are disappearing this November and back early December. =/

    Glad you're enjoying it :D :D!! I feel terrible because I bought the prequel and sequel and still havent touched them

    Have a safe trip :D

    1. Yanto also bought them and hasn't read them! Maybe it's a thing :P I should really finish the trilogy before I go... I've been enjoying my holidays too much hehe, I hope you have a wonderful Xmas :)