BRTC Bright Eye Vitalizer Cream Review

Thursday, 5 December 2013

After my excellent experience with BRTC's Jasmine Whipping Essence from October's Bntnews box, I was pleased to see another BRTC product in November's box!

I had just thrown out my previous eye cream because it was giving me milia, so this product could not have come at a better time. I have been blessed with such genes that I have never had eye bags or dark circles. When I go through bouts of insomnia, my eyes may swell but they never appear dark. Hence in a eye cream, I basically look for anti aging and light moisture properties to keep my eye lids from becoming dry and itchy. I have used richer creams before and they have all given me milia which I absolutely hate!


This product is part of the Multi-Vital System and is a 'vitamin eye cream for delicate and wrinkle prone skin around eyes with a whitening effect'. It contains over 10% of 10 kinds of vitamins to make your eyes bright and provides a fresh cooling sensation.


The box gives the appearance of being gold plated and is rather large. This betrays the size of the product inside as it is quite small compared to the box- there was an additional cardboard structure inside the box to keep the product from rattling around! This is probably the only complaint I have with this product as unnecessary packaging is not good for the environment. Most of the information is provided in Hangul with a short paragraph in English.

I find the orange and white container very cute and simple although it does not match the box. The pop of orange gives a fresh and youthful feel to the product.

The product itself surprised me, as I have only ever used eye creams in cream form. BRTC has come up with a 'glue stick' type product where the cream is solid and elevates when you twist it! I thought this was extremely cool and innovative, not to mention time saving!

I believe this product is rose scented, but is extremely light. I cannot smell it when I apply it to my eyes which is great as I don't want a highly fragranced product going near my eyes. 

It fits perfectly in the fingers
Texture and Application
I use this twice a day after cleansing and simply swipe it once over my eyelids and under eyes. This takes less than 10 seconds and is a very welcome change from tediously patting eye cream over my eyes! The product glides over my eyes smoothly and does not pull at the delicate eyelids. There is a cooling sensation that lasts for under a minute after application which I really enjoy. My skin absorbs the product almost immediately and feels comfortable, I would say the moisturizing level is light. There is no dewy effect with this product which is better for me as it prevents my eye shadows from slipping. Plus, no milia have been sighted!

After application- Note I do not have any eye bags or dark circles.
This product suits my needs perfectly. It is easy to use, time saving and moisturizing which is all I look for in an eye cream. The small size also makes it perfect for travel and I will definitely be taking this with me on my holidays! As far as skin brightening goes, I have no opinion because as you can see, I do not have darkness around my eyes. For people with dark circles, I believe this product may be too light for you and you may get better results from a richer eye cream. I love this product and would recommend it for young people who are looking for a light eye cream to prevent wrinkles.

*I received this product for free for review purposes. All opinions are honest and my own.


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