Gatsby Natural Bleach and Color in Aqua Silver Review

Saturday, 21 December 2013

We’ve all seen these animated characters on the box of Gatsby’s hair dyes and wondered if the product is serious right? Well here’s a mini review for you straight from Tokyo!

IMG_4711540 Yen= ~$6!
IMG_4708Before: yellow blonde grown out ombre hair that looks best in a ponytail.
Application:The dye is thick and pastel pink which was a tad worrisome. The smell is not that strong or unpleasant and is one of the better scents I’ve encountered in a dye. It was left on for 30 minutes, washed out, then the ends were dyed again (whilst tied in a ponytail) to make it look more natural. Or as natural as silver hair can be. 

IMG_4729Results: So much better! The yellow has toned out almost completely and the bleach was strong enough to really brighten the natural hair. Yanto’s hair quality somehow looks better- smoother and softer for sure. The hair did dye unevenly which gave a nice 3D highlighted effect rather than a solid grey.

IMG_4734In natural light.

Verdict: This stuff works! Yanto’s natural hair is a dark ash brown and it lightened up quite significantly to a light ashy blonde with silver streaks within half an hour. If left on longer, I think it would have turned a pure silver color.


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