Japan Part 4- Food in Osaka

Friday, 27 December 2013

Firstly, here’s some things I love about Japan:

  • Majority of the girls have perfect skin.
  • There is no such thing as lazy retail staff.
  • Everything tastes better in Japan.
  • Rubbish bins are quite hard to find, yet there is no litter to be seen. In Australia there are bins everywhere but much more litter than here.
  • Phones must be on silent mode on the train and you must refrain from picking up calls. This makes train rides extremely peaceful and enjoyable ^^.
  • Everyone is so polite and lovely!

In the tourist guide, it said that Osaka was literally the place to ‘eat until you drop’. I’ve actually been doing this for my whole Japan visit (heh), but there were definitely more memorable meals in Osaka than in Tokyo and Kyoto. Let’s start!


Mochi randomly picked up from the kiosk at the shinkansen stop, I still can’t get over how delicious these were. They were buttery soft and melted in your mouth. Needless to say they were gone in a ridiculously short amount of time!


Sushi combination platter for less than $8 in Namba Walk!


We finally got to eat shabu shabu! We chanced across this place a few metres away from our hotel (Washington Plaza Hotel which was fairly mediocre) and it cost $35 for all you can eat vegetable and kobe beef hot pot. There were lots of signatures from Japanese stars on the walls so I assume the place was fairly famous. I only ate about 1/3 of the first plate of beef and Yanto went on to eat the rest of the first plate and then 3 more full plates by himself. Even I was quite shocked at that effort- he was definitely in his element.

IMG_4971IMG_4979 IMG_4980

The beef was paper thin and literally took 5 seconds to cook. It tasted amazing and was so soft and tender! It surprised me that the pot was not filled with a flavoured soup to begin with, it was just plain water. I suppose this is to allow the customer to taste the beef in its purest form, unmarred by stock or flavours.


Frozen yogurt for dessert (how can there be so much space in one stomach?!). To me, plain flavour is always the best, no matter the brand.

On our second night we had a hankering for pizza, our first Western food crave of the trip so we tried out two places and they were both terrible! I’m definitely sticking to Japanese cuisine from now on and I advise you to do the same :P. The second place had a warm and toasty atmosphere complete with swanky art and Christmas decor. You would expect this sort of place to be playing jazzy Christmas carols but instead it was playing hard core gangster rap!

IMG_5217 IMG_5218

We shared a white wine mojito which was surprisingly nice.


And that’s all the noteworthy items we managed to eat in our 1 and a half days in Osaka. Next post is on Kaiyukan aquarium which I loved so so much!



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