Mellsavon Whip Face Wash Review

Monday, 30 December 2013

I was on the hunt for a new cleanser once I felt my HG Neutrogena Fresh Foaming Cleanser was running out, so I popped into one of the many beauty stores in Tokyo and picked up this funky hot pink bottle. I cannot remember exactly how much it cost, but knowing me and my thrifty ways it would have been around the 1000 yen mark ($10 AUD). The packaging definitely drew me in- I love pump bottles, and this one came with a very travel handy pump lock. Plus it's round, chunky and hot pink!

The saponaria flower
The product emphasizes having ingredients that helps your skin maintain its 'original homeostasis' and supports you with THE NATURAL POWER OF PLANTS (yep, in caps). The star ingredient of this product is saponaria which is a plant extract that gently cleanses and moisturizes the skin.

The bottle is on the large side and the pump is thick and sturdy. I've had many a pump break whilst dropping it in the shower and this seems unlikely with this product. It's bright, fun and girly, what more could you want!

The essay at the back is quite interesting to read. Note there is no ingredients list to be found which is dubious- I would like to know whether this product is as natural as they claim. 

The sturdy clasp gets a big thumbs up from me! Every single time I get on a plane something in my toiletries bag leaks, so despite this product being rather large, you know it definitely will not leak with the clasp in place.

This is a foaming product, so when you press the pump, the watery liquid inside (you can hear it sloshing around) dispenses as a light, fluffy foam. The amount you see below is a half pump and  is enough to cleanse my entire face. I can forsee this product lasting an extremely long time!

Upon contact with the skin and water, the foam manages to foam up some more, forming an incredibly silky soft and smooth lather. I have not used a face wash this silky before! It creates a really enjoyable sensation on the face and the scent is light and floral and does not disturb my sensitive nose at all. The cleanser is extremely gentle, yet does a fantastic job of removing excess oil and leaves my face feeling powdery soft! Even the boyfriend has been sneaking washes with this and he never washes his face at all (yes, one of THOSE people).

I tried using this twice over to remove my makeup but it was not strong enough. You will have to use a makeup remover or cleanser before using this. I have been using this by itself every morning and as a second cleanser at night after removing my makeup with the dregs of my Neutrogena face wash.

I have been really enjoying this gentle and cost-effective cleanser! I love the silky feeling of washing my face with this and love the powdery soft feel of my skin afterwards. I have not had any breakouts since using this and would definitely recommend it. The only negative is that it doesn't remove makeup. Another plus point is that foil refill bags are available which is economical and environmentally friendly. I will definitely be picking one up before I leave Japan! Definitely have a look at this product if you will be visiting Japan as it seems hard to find online.

You can find out more about Mellsavon here. I hope you enjoyed this review,


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