Brilliant Loveheart 3 Step Lip Essence Review

Friday, 17 January 2014

This sweet pink lip essence by Brilliant came in January's Bntnews beauty box and I have been testing it daily. This is my first time using a lip essence so let's see how this product fares!

Packaging & Claims

This product is part of Brilliant's 3 part lip care system which involves step 1- a low irritation exfoliator, step 2- a lip gel patch and step 3- a high moisture lip essence. I am reviewing the 3rd step, the lip essence which contains nutrients to give your lips a 'liveliness as if you've applied a colored tint'. 

Here is more information on the specified product:
Note that this is not a wax type of balm but an essence to condition the lips. 

The packaging is simple, modern and sweet with its pastel pink and dark brown color scheme. 
The tube is squeezable, matte and pink with design features consistent with the box. The lid twists off and product is dispensed through a small hole. All in all, a functional and fairly typical lip balm tube. The instructions on the box are: 'For the appearance of rejuvenated lips, apply a sufficient amount to the lips as the last step of the lip care system'. Easy peasy. I like to press the tube straight to my lips to apply it as I hate getting my fingers dirty!

Proof in Pictures

Before: My lips in their natural state- dry, lined and quite unhappy.

After: My lips are plumper, pinker and moderately moisturized. There is not much shine with this product.

The Essence

Once applied, the pink essence turns my lips slightly pinker and I feel a lot of 'slip' as I rub my lips together. I find the formula to be watery, yet it does not give a watery shine. The essence absorbs very quickly when used on its own (within 15-30 minutes) and my lips are left feeling plump and full, but with no trace of the product on their surface. My lips feel comfortable, but not overly moisturized and ready for lip color!

I have one gripe about this product- the taste. It tastes like perfume which is quite unpleasant if you happen to lick your lips!

This product works very well to prep the lips for lipstick/lipgloss and makes application smoother. As the essence absorbs into the skin, there is little slip when you apply lip product, thus the products will apply more evenly!

I like this product despite the perfumey taste. Keeping in mind that it is an essence, not a balm, I think it works well at absorbing into the delicate lip area and treating dryness from the inside out, rather than sitting on top as a 'barrier'. My lips have definitely been less flaky overall since using this and lip colors apply nicely over it. However, I would not recommend using this on it's own due to the fast absorption time which would mean constant reapplying! Use it under a lip color and enjoy it's effects!

*I received this product for free for review purposes. All opinions are honest and my own.


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