BRTC Bubble Refining Cleanser Review

Tuesday, 28 January 2014

The bubble refining cleanser is part of BRTC's pore tightening system and is part of their pore tightening range. I have had the opportunity to try out some BRTC products before and liked both of them, especially their Jasmine Whipping Essence which I have almost used up! 

The bubble refining cleanser is used for deep cleansing once or twice a week. It forms rich bubbles on the skin without the addition of water and aids in the following: sebum control, astringing pore(?), removing oily residue and balance care.

It contains Na-COMPLEX which "derives an effect from a botanical prescription hypoallergenic to skin through botanical ingredients such as Neem, Sophora Flavescens root and grapefruit which help preventing skin troubles, controlling sebum and soothing acne so as to protect the skin against troubles and quickly recover damaged skin.”

Similar to the previous BRTC products I have tried, the product comes in a box almost double it's size which is not great for the expectations or environment. The product is quite small, but will last for awhile as you are only supposed to use it 1-2 times a week. Below you can see the comparison of the product with my hand. The cleanser is housed inside a simple white and aqua container with a pump top and is pleasing to the eye.

The Product
The cleanser is dispensed as a translucent, slightly sticky gel. According to the box, you are supposed to pump the cleanser into a glass bowl and then apply it with a brush onto a cleansed, dry face. I don't have time for glass bowls and such so I just spread the product directly onto my face with my fingers and it seems to work just fine. 3-4 pumps is enough to cover my whole face and within seconds fluffy bubbles start to form like magic! I sometimes have an issue with scented products and this one smells divine to me as I really enjoy fresh scents- it smells like a minty fresh rainforest!

You are supposed to leave the cleanser on for 3-5 minutes and during the wait the bubbles start to pop and move which some may find ticklish or itchy. The cleanser feels slippery on my skin when I wash it off. Usually my skin becomes even drier when I use deep cleansers but my skin feels quite hydrated with this product. I have used this product 3 times a week for the last 3 weeks because I liked the feeling so much and I swear my pores have become shallower and more refined! Take a look for yourself- only the pores on my nose are visible from this distance.

I believe this cleanser has truly had an effect on my pores and skin. Every time I use it, I am struck by the amazing scent, abundant bubbles and smoothness of my skin afterwards. I couldn't be happier with this product and give it a 10/10! With continued use I am hoping my pores become even more invisible and I get further along the track to achieving perfect skin. 

To reillustrate my point, here's another photo of me sans makeup. 6 months ago I wouldn't leave the house without makeup, now I do it all the time all because I feel confident in my skin. What a difference the correct skincare can make!

*I received this product for free for review purposes. All opinions are honest and my own

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