Doctorcos Amino Acid Hybrid Sheet Free Mask Advanced Review

Friday, 31 January 2014

From the box, "Doctorcos has revolutionized the sheet free mask through its advanced moist veil network technology to provide seven amazing benefits in just one application. This new beauty technology allows a three layer effect to ensure the skin is provided with nutrients, skin pore tightening effects, increased elasticity, intensive moisturizing and incredible hydration capabilities to give skin a soft youthful, dewy glow. No need for external serums, this all-in-one product does it all".

Wow! That is a lot of claims and I was so interested to see whether this product would live up to them considering there are no blogger reviews on this product. The idea of this product is to provide the concentrated benefits of a sheet mask in a fuss free lotion form. 

The product comes in a white squeezable plastic tube with a screw top. It looks fairly plain and reminds me of white lab coats and science experiments which I don't mind at all- it makes the product seem more 'serious' about improving your skin if you get what I mean. Also note that it says 'whitening' in the red box, which wasn't mentioned in the paragraph.

The Product
The lotion has a stiff, firm texture that feels exactly like a primer. As I spread it over my face, the lotion thins out without becoming watery and forms a thin barrier over my skin. It really does feel like it's filling all my pores on first application but after a minute it absorbs into my skin leaving it super smooth and matte. However, I find that this product does not provide enough hydration for my dry skin when used on it's own. I have been using this product twice daily for almost 3 weeks now and have been pairing it with my Nature Republic Aqua cream, a perfect combo for my dry skin and the Australian Summer. The effects on my skin have been quite incredible in this short amount of time- it's definitely a lot brighter and my problematic forehead area has evened out in color!

Importantly, this product has an extremely mild scent that smells like a sheet mask (obviously) that disappears after a few seconds.

Immediately after application
The fact that I need to pair it with another product disbands the whole 'advanced moisture veil, 7 in 1 benefits' claim, but I still really like this product! Over the weeks I definitely feel like this product has been responsible for making my skin visibly brighter and fairer seeing as it is the only whitening product in my routine. The fact that I can see a difference when I look at myself every day speaks volumes. 

I would happily recommend every single item from this months Bntnews box, every product has worked well for me! What an amazing selection! See here for all my Bntnews reviews.
*I received this product for free for review purposes. All opinions are honest and my own

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