Graymelin Control Sharp Liner Water Proof in Brown Review

Sunday, 26 January 2014

Today I'll be reviewing a brown water proof eyeliner from Korean brand Graymelin. Eyeliners are an essential part of my daily makeup and I'm always looking for new products that take my fancy! This one claims to be able to draw sharp lines and is waterproof, a must for me as I despise my eyeliners smudging.

The product is dispensed through a pen with fine, white synthetic fibers making up the tip. At the other end there is a button that dispenses a small amount of product through the middle of the tip with every click. I have never used an eyeliner with this dispensing method before and find that it has pros and cons.   

The pro is that this pen runs between a felt tip pen liner and a liquid liner, combining the best of both. The tip gives me the precise control of a felt liner and the inky formula gives me the opaque color I covet from a liquid liner. Another fantastic point about this eyeliner is that I can line my eyes without getting any product on my eyelashes, saving time and trouble! Every liquid liner I own runs onto my lashes and makes application messy, eyelash curling difficult and is time consuming as I have to dry them with a tissue.

The con is shown above- it can be messy! The ink is the watery consistency of a normal liquid eyeliner which smudges along the pen as you close the lid, sometimes staining my fingers as I pull the lid on and off. However, this does not affect application so is not a big deal.

As you can see, the brown contains obvious specks of gold glitter which is quite pretty and unique. Take note that the brown is indeed very dark and many will perceive it as black. For me, one click is enough to line one eye. As you can see, the pen is capable of drawing sharp, fine lines and the formula, once it has set (around 30 seconds), does not budge under soap and water! This formula is so strong that it will flake off before it smudges or washes off.

This is a good product. I love how you can control the amount of product coming from the tip, unlike a traditional liquid liner which often ends up being too wet. The opaque color, glitter and fine tip are also fantastic features of this liner! I would recommend this product and have no major complaints about it.

*I received this product for free for review purposes. All opinions are honest and my own

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*Update. I have reached for this liner every day for every occasion in the last 2 weeks. Once I got used to the brush and dispenser, this product was just too convenient not to use! Before I thought this was a good product, now I'd say it's excellent. Super love!


  1. The brown looks really good!! ^^ Looks really natural though it's a liquid liner.

    1. I love this liner now! I hope you're enjoying it too Joanne :)