Japan Part 6. Hakuba- Snowboarding and Food Recommendations

Friday, 10 January 2014

So this is how we had to travel the whole time we were in Japan. Note- don’t go on two vastly different holidays straight after each other! We actually had to lug all our trekking stuff, sleeping bags, hiking boots etc around with us for the whole of Japan through the subways and shinkansens. It was stressful, tiring and fairly horrible.


Hakuba is a small ski town and we stayed below Happo mountain for our 5 day snowboarding misadventure.


IMG_5261 IMG_5263

Kicking the side street snow proved to be really fun. Wearing our rented ski attire which was extremely fashionable as you can see!

IMG_5270 IMG_5271 IMG_5301 IMG_5277 IMG_5299

This cute Shiba (I think?) was waiting so patiently in the car for it’s owners. So cute!

Snowboarding was altogether fun, painful and terrifying. Not in that order. We didn’t have lessons which was a major mistake and spend the first 2 days falling over every 4 meters. The snow is a lot more slippery than you would expect and falling over is too easy because you can’t jump off the board! I hit my head numerous times as I would fall over backwards whilst travelling at high speeds, snowboard in the air, beanie flying off and then smack my head on the ice. Without a helmet. We were sore and bruised the whole time we were there. Next time I’ll try skiing- I didn’t see any skiers stacking it! Worse was that Yanto, being a longboarder and just generally good at sport, improved drastically and was doing 360 spins by the end of it and shooting down the mountains in record time –__-.

The scenery was beautiful though, more beautiful than the mountains in Nepal I daresay. Not that it made up for my injuries and tears. On the last day they actually had to stop the kilometre long chair lift because I was too uncoordinated to get on it. In front of a massive line of people. *dies of embarrassment*

All the below photos were taken on my phone:

994700_10151821202882187_428316955_n 1013687_10151821203037187_2053008384_n 1504043_10151821203122187_529750484_n 1546170_10151821203292187_513110439_n 1557555_10151821202772187_1200058865_n

In short, 5 days was way too long for a beginner like me to be on the slopes. Other than snowboarding, there wasn’t much to do in Hakuba besides the onsens. The food was quite expensive too, but we had the best meal we had in Japan in Hakuba! We booked in at a restaurant called Hifumi, a 15 minute walk from our hotel. Let me show you!

You can see my tutorial for this makeup look here. We got the 5 course ‘casual’ meal for $35 which we expected to be well… small food on large plates for that price. Instead we got all the atmosphere of a fine dining restaurant, tantalisingly delicious food and large servings enough to make Yanto full. We got all of the following dishes PLUS wine! The atmosphere was quiet, rich and private with screens separating each table and the service was brilliant. When we got out our chewable lacteeze tablets, the highly observant waitress came running over to ask whether we needed a glass of water. Now that’s attentive!


The freshest sashimi I tasted in Japan with veges and fancy wasabi sauce. My favorite dish! Now I know what the pro’s say when they describe a dish as being ‘balanced’ because this was wonderfully so.

IMG_5329IMG_5332 IMG_5335 IMG_5339 IMG_5343

Amazing, I couldn’t recommend Hifumi more, we absolutely loved it and think it was worth far more than what we paid.

Another noteworthy Western place we tried was called Gravity Worx, which had an amazing cluttered homely cottage feel.

IMG_5282 IMG_5290 IMG_5293 IMG_5297 IMG_5298

Overall, Hakuba was my least favorite place because I associate it with pain! It was also very quiet, cold and slightly miserable walking the streets at night. I suppose I’m a city girl!


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