Kate Nail Polish- BE-19 and WT-5 & Canmake Gel Volume Top Coat Review

Monday, 6 January 2014

I picked up these polishes at Matsumoto KiYoshi in Ikebukuro for around $4, not that cheap considering the competitive prices you can get online in Australia. I was looking for a nice neutral shade and a white and ended up with BE-19, a pale peachy neutral and WT-5, a bright white. The Canmake gel volume top coat (around $7) was particularly interesting to me because I love the thick, creamy look of gel nails and was interested as to whether it would actually work!

I can safely say that I do not recommend the Kate polishes as I like my nail polish to be thin and opaque so I can be done with it in 2 coats. BE-19 was quite sheer and 3 relatively thick coats later you could still see the whites of my nail tips through the polish. WT-5 was a different story- I used it to attempt polka dots (fail!) and I found it to be very opaque. I wouldn't purchase another Kate polish as the variation in color pay off between shades is risky. The finish is very nice and shiny though, even without a top coat as you can see below on the index and middle fingers. 

Canmake gel volume top coat applied to the ring and pinky fingers only.
Adversely, I do recommend the Canmake gel volume top coat! The difference is difficult to see in the photo above, but in the photo below 1 coat is applied to all 5 nails. It changed the color to a slightly creamier one and my nails definitely look thicker. It is not a fast dry top coat, so I waited till the next day to apply a second coat and the gel effect is even greater! I have not seen a similar product to this and I do think it's quite awesome.

They really do look like gel nails! Excuse my flaky fingers.
 So far the wear time has been average, nothing too remarkable. Overall, no to the Kate polishes and yes to the Canmake gel volume top coat. If you love the look of gel nails but not the price, this product might be what you are looking for!


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