Nature Republic Aqua Super Aqua Max Combination Watery Cream Review

Monday, 27 January 2014

I'm here today with a review of another Nature Republic skin care item, the Super Aqua Max Combination Watery Cream. Seeing as I didn't like the Snail Solution set, review here, I was curious to test out this product as it has won awards and seems quite popular. I can honestly say that this product has changed my perception of the brand!

The Super Aqua Max line has 3 creams, one for dry, oily and combination skin. I am reviewing the latter. The cream functions via a silicone gel system derived from plant factors that works differently on the T and U zones of your face for evenly moisturized skin.

*See my review of the pink cream for dry skin here.

It contains nutritious extracts from deep sea plants such as seaweed, chlorella and plankton as well as collagen to strengthen skin's ability to defend itself against the external environment, according to the box. 


The box and cream are a fresh mint green color that reminds me of a lagoon. True to the stamp on the box, this moisturizer is definitely on the large size and the packaging is weighty. The box is actually made of eco-friendly paper and contains braille on the side for the blind, both very positive and thoughtful features in my opinion. The cute translucent ripple lid definitely steals everyone's attention and rightly so- it's adorable!

The Product
The cream itself is quite interesting and refreshing. It is stiff in the jar, but becomes watery when it comes in contact with the skin, similar to my Mizon Starfish Cream. There is a nice cooling effect and it makes my skin feel silky smooth like a silicone primer but nowhere near as oily. I have read some reviews that say this cream tends to sit on top of the skin, but I disagree as it absorbs into my skin in under a minute! I didn't like this cream when I first started using it as I thought it wasn't moisturizing enough for my flaky skin, but I have started to fall in love with it after prolonged use. My skin is actually comfortably moisturized after one generous application of this product, yet has a matte finish which is absolutely perfect for the 40+ degree Australian Summer!
Directly after the cream has been rubbed onto the right side of my hand.
As someone with a sensitive nose, I must point out that the smell is very strong. To me it smells like a mixture between plants and cologne, but definitely falls into the 'fresh' category which I like. I checked the ingredients list and found that fragrance is near the end, which tells me that there is far less perfume compared to the numerous plant extracts appearing near the top of the list. This made me feel better about the smell and I can tolerate it.

Proof in Pictures

The following photos demonstrate the mattifying, yet moisturizing effect of the cream. I wiped all my makeup off before exercise, leaving just my eyebrows on and applied just the cream. There are no flakes to be seen, yet my skin is matte without the use of base makeup.

No makeup except for eyebrows! I can hardly believe it.
I am extremely happy with this product and with my skin in general thanks to the amazing Korean skin care I have received from Bntnews. 6 months ago, my skin was scarred, acne prone and dry and now it's bright and clear- not yet perfect, but there is hope. I adore this product and am so happy with the moisture level and smooth finish that I have used it day and night since I received it. If only there was less of a scent, then I would be raving about it!

*I received this product for free for review purposes. All opinions are honest and my own

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  1. Hi, came around your post randomly. Just want to know if do you use this with other products too? like other moisturizing? My skin is dry and extremely sensitive. Your reply would be greatly appreciated :)

    1. Hi! Yes I love to use this with my Drcos Amino acid sheet free mask- it's the perfect combo for my dry skin. I reviewed that product here:

      The Nature republic also comes in a formula for dry skin which I will hopefully be getting my hands on in a month or so. But I'd say this product is good for dry sensitive skin! I did not have any adverse reactions to this at all, in fact it might have cleared up my skin ^^