Nepal Part 2- Volunteering at Mahendra Jyoti Village

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

I thought I should start posting my Nepal photos otherwise I'll forget and never get around to sharing my amazing experience! You can read Part 1 of my journey here.

This is the new building we funded. It contains 4-5 classrooms and new toilets!

One of the beautiful girls requested to have my name painted on her cheek. I was so taken aback and flattered when I saw it- I'm so awkward with kids, why do they like me so much?! :O

This cheeky little boy was running around squirting everyone with his new water gun! We played with the kids most lunch times and gave them balloons and toys.

The view from the school. I know right?! It's pretty breathtaking. Looking back at these photos I can hardly believe I was there a month ago.

The girls loved the skipping rope we brought and they never got tired of it! Day after day they skipped through the dust and heat.

We painted all the buildings until they looked brand new. This the final result- it looks pretty good doesn't it?

These 3 girls were a hoot- they would make us close our eyes, switch clothes and scarves, and then make us repeat their names! To this day I don't think anyone will forget their names, from L to R:  Esuda, Pooja and Monisa!

Yanto did my hair warrior style- isn't he talented?

As you can see, he's quite the athletic one. He's not trained in any particular sport yet he manages to flip around like a monkey due to his sheer strength and coordination. Quite the opposite of me hurhur.
The next few photos are from a couple of mini treks we did to the top of the hills surrounding the village. It took about 3.5 hours and was pretty tiring, but nothing compared to the Poon Hill trek we did the week after. This was when we were young and naive and knew nothing of stairs -___-. Enjoy the beauty of these unedited photos and imagine the fresh mountain air and the peace surrounding it. 

Our guest house is one of those tiny white houses! We walked so far!

Look at the snowy topped mountains floating in the distance! Beautiful!

OMG this baby puppy D: I can't even look at it because it's too cute! I pray it will lead a good life in Nepal although my hopes are not high. Ahh it makes me so sad...

Lo and behold, these are the new toilets. Yes I said new. The old ones consisted of an even dirtier and smellier brick building with two bricks knocked out of the wall for light. There is no flush, no toilet paper, no bin to put toilet paper in and no taps to wash your hands. Therefore, I believe the children don't wipe or wash their hands :S.

The brand new repainted classrooms and desks! I love these colors! When we complain about uncomfortable chairs at Uni, I will just think of these narrow benches the Nepalese children sit at all day.

A lovely girl drew these for me. I was so touched! I don't think I deserved half as much love as I felt from these kids.

Me, Andrew and Sipho at the farewell celebration. They pitched a tent especially for us because us (mostly) fair skinned foreigners would get burnt in the sun!

Playing a ninja game with the kids.

We also funded the tiling of these water fountains- one of our team members is a tiler and he completed this whole project with another Nepalese worker! Look how neat and clean it looks now, plus the kids now have drinking water at school. What a difference :)

We were once again adorned with traditional Nepalese flowers, hats and tikas as a farewell. The day was spent eating a marvelous buffet cooked by the teachers and children and shared with us and the whole school. There were Nepalese dancers and we were asked to prepare a dance in return. Seeing as Aussies don't really have any culture (lol), we sang 'Home Among the Gum Trees' and 'We are One'. Complete with hand actions, booyah!

I was swamped with children when we had to leave. They clung to me and followed me the kilometer walk back to the guesthouse where they covered me in kisses and said "I love you" over and over again! It was one of the sweetest moments I have ever witnessed and I again  felt so undeserving of all the attention.
Our time in the village was amazing. We worked hard, ate a lot, loved the children and saw all the improvements, some small and some drastic happen in front of our eyes. There is nothing that has ever made me feel more empowered than helping others in need. It's small compared to other deeds but a new building, a fresh coat of paint and a smile in a tiny village half way across the world in Nepal, can make a difference. 

My next Nepal post will be on the Poon Hill trek!


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