Etude House Precious Mineral Bright Fit BB Cream in #3 Honey Beige Review

Thursday, 6 February 2014

I picked this up when I was in Japan and I believe it cost around $15-18. The store assistant swatched all 4 colors on the back of her hand for me and I grabbed the color closest to my skin tone without testing it on myself first (YOLO?). Thankfully everything turned out dandy because I love this BB cream!

My previous HG BB cream was the Missha Perfect Cover in #27 and for great reason. My skin used to be terrible, I'm talking active acne, scars and redness everywhere. By the time I wrote the Perfect Cover review, my skin was healing but noticeably scarred- check out the link for proof (I actually remember thinking my skin looked alright when I wrote that review!). The Missha product gave me the high coverage I needed to feel confident about my skin and was my HG for years.

Fast forward a mere 6 months and my skin is so much better thanks to the Korean skincare items sent to me by Bntnews. I always thought my acne was caused by internal imbalance such as hormones, diet and genetics but I was proved wrong. My skin began to improve immediately after I started using these skincare products! Anyway, the moral of the essay story is: I don't need a full coverage BB cream because there is less to cover.

This BB Cream is formulated with 'Pearl Powder with an improved adhesive texture to promote moist, radiant looking skin while protecting (SPF 30)against UV damage and wrinkles'. It also has whitening properties. It comes in 4 shades, I am reviewing #3 Honey beige.

It contains pearl mineral powder and coverage pearl (say what?) for brightening and algae for antioxidant moisture care.

The tube is similar to Missha's Perfect Cover squeezable pump tube, but slightly more elongated. I'm not crazy about this type of packaging because I have received new tubes that simply refuse to dispense any product despite pumping for minutes, thankfully this one works just fine. It's pastel pink and princessy looking like most Etude House items and looks lovely on my display.

The packaging can prove to be messy as extra product gets smeared between the pump and lid.

The Product
This BB cream is yellow based and suits my undertones extremely well! It has a creamy texture, thinner than the Perfect Cover but I would still describe it as thick. Despite the thickness, the cream sheers out to provide light to medium coverage. It does well at covering redness but will not cover scars. There is a slightly dewy finish with no noticeable glitter or shimmer.

Before: I usually do my eye makeup first as it makes it easier to brush off fallout. On my eyes is a pretty Visee eyeshadow quad in case you're wondering. My skin is bare except for Nature Republic's Aqua moisturiser, not bad huh! My main problem areas are my uneven forehead and darkness around my mouth.

After: I simply dotted the bb cream around my face and patted/rubbed it in with my clean fingers. The result is a luminous, slightly dewy glow that looks so natural! Importantly, it doesn't emphasise my flaky skin which is a major problem with so many base products I have tried. 

This BB cream does not control oil that well. Without setting with powder, it lasts for around 5 hours on my dry, flaky skin. True to the claims, there is no oxidation evident. Once half the day is gone, some shine starts to come through on my T zone which I generally don't mind as I like the dewy look. If I set it with powder, I can easily last through the whole day!

I have been reaching for this daily for the last 2 months. It feels so lightweight on my face which is perfect for Summer and I love the dewy, natural finish. I would recommend this for day time use for those with dry to normal skin and a tanned yellow based complexion. On oily skin I feel that this would become shiny very quickly as the oil control is not great. For events I still reach for my Missha Perfect Cover to give me a full coverage, flawless face but otherwise this has been my go-to base product. Overall, I highly recommend this BB cream and would definitely repurchase it.


PS. My latest reviews have all been extremely positive. Don't worry, there are some misses to come ;).


  1. Missha 27 and Bright Fit W15 were my absolute favorites until I discovered Skinfood's BB's. :) If you like those 2 you should try Peach Sake BB Cream from Skinfood--idk if you have a Skinfood near you but they do carry shades 3-10 in addition to 1 and 2 at their US stores. I heard their Aus stores have extended colors too. The Skinfood Mushroom BB #2 also fits well on my skin tone and it's even lighter formula than Etude House.

    Your eye makeup looks gorgeous! I can't believe you didn't try it first LOL, I would be so scared to trust the makeup girl...I always seem to get matched with people who think I want to be 3 shades darker.

    1. You know what, I'm going to look up reviews of that product right now! Thanks for letting me know, I'm always on the lookout for BB creams that will match my skin tone :). As far as I know, there isn't anywhere that sells Asian cosmetics in Perth, but there's always online!

      Thank you so much for your advice ^^. The eye palette is very pretty but unfortunately hard to blend :(.

  2. I have tried a couple of Etude House products but mainly eye shadows I think. Love the make up look you came up with! So glad I found your blog too.. sorry for the multiple comments! I just followed your blog + social media too. Hope to keep in touch xx

    1. Thank you Mandy! Please don't be sorry about the multiple comments- I like them ;) it's quite hard to gain a following these days! I also followed you on bloglovin, you're gorgeous :D

  3. Hello! What powder do you use to set the Etude house bb cream? It's hard for me to find Korean powders that match my NC35-37 skin tone :(

    1. Hi! I don't use korean powders to set my bb cream, simply because I know it will be quite hard to find a match for me. I have been using Za's two way powder foundation for years now in the shade #32. It has excellent oil control, great coverage and fits my skin tone really well!! I hope that helps :)

  4. Hello! What powder do you use to set the BB cream? Can't really find good setting powders from Korean brands that match my NC 35-37 skin tone :(