Kate Colorcious Diamond 5 Color Eyes Eye Shadow Palette Review in GR-1 and PK-1

Friday, 21 February 2014

I picked up these sparkly shadows in Japan for under $15 (can't remember exactly how much they were) but they retail on Adam Beauty here for $16.50 a pop. The name is quite random- I keep wanting to say 'colorlicious' like 'bootylicious' but no. It's definitely colorcious. I remember really wanting a sparkling pink eyeshadow quad and threw in the green palette as an afterthought because I had nothing similar in my collection. As these things go I ended up loving the green palette and despising the pink!

The case is teeny tiny, yet Kate has made it interesting with the irregular shape of the shadows which tessellate together neatly. I love that you can see the colors through the lid, making it easy to differentiate between palettes. The shadows themselves come in a 3D faceted shape, all glistening and shiny which really does remind me of gems! Thumbs up for the packaging on these- it's super petite and pretty.

The set comes with a double ended sponge applicator which I only use for my tear duct and lower lash line.

Now for the swatches. As I said before, I adore the green palette. The three middle 'diamond' colors are so unique and mesh really well together on the eye. They each contain a copious amount of sparkle that is very hard to capture on camera but looks amazing on the eyes. My favorite color is the middle green which is surprisingly very flattering on brown eyes. The darkest color is more matte than the others which makes it perfect to add definition to my lash line. Adversely, I dislike the highlight color, it's somehow chalky and glittery at the same and it's stark whiteness doesn't meld well with the other shadows.

The shadows are dry (not silky) and the pigmentation is average. You definitely need either primer or base makeup on your eyelids to help the product 'stick', but this is to be expected of such glittery eyeshadows. I carefully pat these onto my eyelids with a dense brush and it works just fine. There is some fallout, but not as much as you would expect and it is very easy to wisp away with a brush.

Here are all 5 colors in play on my eyes. It was extremely hard to capture how pretty these eyeshadows look together, plus the glitter reflects light everywhere! As you can see, despite the palette being green, everything melds together to create a sparkling woody toned neutral eye.

The pink is another story altogether. In the pan the colors look so bright and vibrant, but once I swatched these I knew they would look horrible on me. For a start, the quality of these shadows seems lesser than the green quad. I find them to be less pigmented, chalky and frosty (I swatched each 3 times over for this photo!). The three gem colors are disappointingly similar and look like one color on my small lid space. The 4th color has been neglected and lost it's sparkle and pigmentation. Overall, these colors do nothing for my warm, tanned skin and make me look sick! Maybe you can make these work for you if you have extremely pale skin?

Overall, I love the green and hate the pink. The difference in quality within the different colors is worrying and I would be very cautious of buying the other palettes (8 of 'em!) without testing or looking up reviews of them first. I have been reaching for the green palette 2-3 times a week since I got back from Japan because I love the amount of sparkle it packs! It makes me feel and look so youthful ^^. I have never owned a shadow this sparkly and have to say that I am thoroughly enjoying it.

I hope you enjoyed this review! 

Btw, I'm slowly recovering from a cold (in the middle of Summer, yes) and you can totally tell by my dehydrated skin and pastiness, sorry if it bothers you!


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