My Sister's 21st/How to Throw a Great Party

Friday, 28 February 2014

My sister, Steph, was having issues with planning her 21st. There is so much pressure to make a really big deal of the big Two One and I remember feeling the exact same way back when I had my 21st (which turned out to be crap lol). She ended up having a super chilled, wholesome bash at our own little unit and everything turned out to be super dandy! Here's my opinion on what made the party so great ;)

1. The time of day matters. Steph wanted something really chilled out and fun so instead of having it at night and then going clubbing like most, she had it on a lazy Sunday afternoon with no clubbing involved. This gave everything a really relaxed feel to it and most people stayed 'til late!

2. Interactive food is always a hit! Steph made some gingerbread men to cater for gluten free allergies and provided colored icing so guests could make their own creations. Everyone loved it!

3. Continuing with the food topic, make sure vegetarians and allergies are catered for. We supplied vegetarian sushi rolls and arancini balls to make sure everyone had something to eat. We also had dumplings and carrots with dip- easy to make and generally a crowd pleaser (depending on the dip). I'm quite partial to olive and hummus dip myself ;).

4. Have a fun theme! Thankfully the last minute hat theme was relatively easy for guests to do and practically everyone obliged!
I got my cute sailor pin up girl hat from Ebay and Steph is wearing her stolen high school graduation cap.
5. Have a cute Pomeranian within reach at all times. Ok so maybe this tip is optional, but by the amount of attention Pika got, you'd think it was her birthday! I don't think she got to walk around by herself the entire party, everyone just wanted to cuddle and carry her around because she's so cute ^^.

6. Obtain a pinata. You just have to. Steph's wonderful childhood friend Kai Ying handmade this amazingly cute pinata from scratch and packed it FULL of the best lollies I have ever seen! Full sized Mars bars, nerds, Yupi gummis and even one direction love hearts. Pinatas are great because they provide a flash back to the past without being too kiddy (I always hated musical chairs -__-), plus everyone can be involved! I was actually the first person to break the pinata ^^ *proud* but it took several turns after that to spill all the goodies. Another tip is to make sure the girls go first, otherwise the boys will smash it to smithereens before any girls have a go.

We also played a lot of Cards Against Humanity- click to find out what it is. It's pretty much the most awful and hilarious game I've ever played!
How cute is the pinata! It was actually so sad to see him strung up like a lamb to the slaughter :(. But his insides were so tasty!
Action shot! Lollies and debris flying everywhere!

7. The cake has to be memorable. We chose a profiterole cake which was both delicious and easy to portion- no cutting necessary!

8. Lastly, I made a slideshow of all of Steph's finest (and not so fine) moments in life from when she was a baby till now. It's a must have to draw attention to the host and let them relax and laugh along with the rest of us after all the stress of throwing a party. Plus, everyone loves them because 1. Most people are super cute as babies and 2. Most people are super awkward as teenagers. There were some real shocking photos of us as teenagers with braces, round glasses, acne, the whole shebang! Sorry to disappoint, but I decided against showing those incriminating photos here :P.

That's me on the right. With the double chin! Imo, Steph was much much cuter than me!
9. As an afterthought- everyone really enjoyed Steph's dorky playlist of old and new songs featuring TLC, Backstreet boys, S Club 7 and Ricky Martin. This may or may not be your thing (it certainly isn't 'cool') but it was definitely ours! 

I think all the points I mentioned made it an awesome and unique party. I much preferred it over the typical 21st booze up, but then again I'm quite an old soul. I wish my 21st was this good, but sadly I'll never have the chance to recreate it. There was no fancy cake, speeches or slideshows for me! *bitter*. 

Sorry about the lack of updates lately, everything has been super busy. Thankfully all my exams went well and I even ended up topping the year for a particularly difficult unit which was a lovely surprise! 

Have an amazing weekend everybody!


  1. You guys are so gorgeous! I love your sister's dress! And your pomeranian, d'awwwwwwww. I love poms. :] The pinata is so cute! I'd love to do that again haha. My dad always let the girls go first, and made the boys bat the opposite of their regular stance since my brother and his friends were baseball players. Cute/stylin baby pics. :P

    Sample Hime

    1. Aww thank you! I would definitely recommend a pomeranian and a pinata for every party, ever! They are just so much wholesome fun ^^. Having the boys hit on the opposite side is such a good idea! I wish we'd thought of that :P

  2. You guys look adorable and oh so pretty!!