Rave Review- Kose Visee Powder and Pencil Eyebrow Pen!

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

I picked up this eyebrow product in BR30 on a whim at the Matsumoto Kiyoshi store in Japan because I was so intrigued by the rectangular shape of the pencil- I have never seen this in a Western eyebrow pencil before! It was love at first stroke and I have been using it every day for the last 6 weeks and am dreading its death because I didn't purchase any backups. I don't remember how much it cost, but you can find it on Adam Beauty for around $17 (I definitely did not pay that much in Japan), which is unfortunately quite pricey for an eyebrow product.

The tube is double ended and slightly longer and wider than a typical eyeliner or eyebrow pencil. 
The pencil end is the shape of a thin rectangle and is placed at an oblique angle. This makes drawing on your trendy straight eyebrows much easier than with a normal pencil. You twist the pen to elevate the product and there is a decent amount in there that will last you awhile as the product is very hard.

Btw do you like my line art? I think it's cute!

The other side has a sponge applicator that is not your typical smudger. It is soft and airy and actually dispenses a fine brown powder to soften and blend your pencil lines! I have never seen this in an eyebrow pencil before- usually they will have a crappy brush or smudger which does nothing for me. The powder comes through the sponge lightly and evenly, just enough to blend and make your brows appear natural. This has been a life changing step in my brow routine and I cannot do my brows without it!

 On my hand the swatches are very light, but the products 'activate' and become more opaque when they come into contact with the oil in your eyebrows.

Proof in Pictures
Here are my sad, sparse eyebrows that I have been trying to grow for more than a year to no avail.

Tadaah! How much better do they look?! I use the pencil towards the tail of my brows and under the arch to make my brows appear straighter. The powder is used all over to set the pencil and form the natural, soft edge of my brow towards my nose. I find that if I use a traditional pencil, this edge looks unnatural and harsh because I have none of my own hairs there *cries*. 

I use this product for all brow shapes because it is so easy to control and produces such an amazing natural result!

Short and thick brows

Or thin and slightly arched! 

My review for the red eyeliner I am wearing in all 3 pictures can be found here.

I LOVE this product and I will definitely repurchase it! This is my only Holy Grail eyebrow product I have ever found after swapping around brands, pencils, brushes and shadows for years. Now to find a way to get it for cheaper...

I hope you enjoyed this review!


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  1. There is a powder in the smudger? WHAAAT? Is the powder held in the cap? I loveeee square pencils! I love brow powder! I just..I love eyebrows O.O hahaha. I hope I can find this online in a darker color! I have been trying to ban myself from makeup, but this is too novel not to try.

    ~Join my Korean makeup giveaway at Sample Hime =)

    1. Haha that made me laugh! I also like eyebrows now I actually have them! Or look like I have them anyway. No the powder is inside the pen and comes through the sponge! I don't really know how it works because powder is so light? I've concluded it's probably magic.

  2. This product looks great!! I'm gonna look for this too!!

    1. You definitely should! I love it so much!