Major Miss- Rimmel Scandaleyes Waterproof Mascara Review

Tuesday, 4 March 2014

This is the first time I've ever categorised something as a 'major miss' and you'll see why. The product in question is Rimmel's Scandaleyes mascara in waterproof, $16.95 at Priceline. The general rule of thumb for Asian lashes is to always buy the waterproof version because it holds curl better. I bought this on sale because the packaging reminded me of Maybelline's Colossal lash mascara which I absolutely love. Yes, I am also judging my warped logic as I read that.

"For lashes so big, it's almost criminal! Scandalous false lash volume. MaxDensity Brush: 50% larger*. Captures & plumps every lash. Supersize formula with 3x collagen + 3x keratin*. 
* versus Rimmel Volume Flash The Max"

All I can say is lies! All lies!

The tube is huge- the biggest waste of space mascara I own and a rather gaudy shade of tangerine. I wouldn't mind the packaging if the product worked well, but based on looks alone it's quite an eyesore in my opinion.

True to the claim, the brush is absolutely massive and is literally the same length as my entire eye! This paired with the straight wand makes it quite awkward to wiggle the brush through my lashes and can be quite messy. I find the bristles to be rather sparse and long and they do not 'capture' my lashes at all- my lashes simply end up sliding through the bristles. The formula is extremely wet even after a week of use and my perfectly curled eyelashes drop as soon as this stuff comes into contact with them. This is the only exception so far to my waterproof mascara = holds eyelash curl rule!

My sad droopy eyelashes that now cannot even be seen from the front

There is no increase in length or volume in fact, my bare eyelashes (on your right) look more volumized than the mascara coated side! All the mascara seems to have done is stick my eyelashes into thin spikes.

Overall, I cannot imagine this working well for anyone and there are literally no redeeming features about this product. Yeah ok, it didn't smudge but I have never had a waterproof mascara smudge on me, ever. It is definitely not for my Asian eyelashes that need support in the curl, volume and length department. This was a major miss for me, I definitely DO NOT recommend this product. Go for Maybelline's Colossal lash mascara instead!

I dislike writing negative reviews but I know they are as valuable as good reviews. I hope this review was helpful to you!


  1. how many coats did you put on? Share if you find a mascara that really adds volume and length. I have goober short lashes and still want to find a mascara that really does magic :)

    1. Hi there! I put on 1 coat for this picture but have tried two coats before which resulted in more spidery straight lashes -_-. I'd say the best I've tried so far is the maybelline colossal lash in waterproof, it adds heaps of volume and curl unfortunately not much on the length department though!