New Hair- From Super Long to Medium Length

Thursday, 6 March 2014

As much as I love long hair, mine was just not worth saving. No matter how well I took care of it (treatments, no heat styling etc), the last 5 inches of it felt hollow and I was never able to run my fingers through my hair without them jarring to a stop. So two days ago I parted my hair to both sides, took out the scissors and two snips later I had medium length hair! I don't know when I got so bold, usually I get really upset whenever I have to cut my hair- tears and everything! I suppose I just knew it was going to be worth it.

Look how the ends are all 'spiky'. *shudder*
Yanto in the back making our lunch whilst I camwhore :P.
I was hoping the new hair length would make me look more mature but if anything I think I look more youthful -__-. I'm contemplating taking the plunge and going shorter because despite cutting 5 inches off, it's still classified as 'long', and hence is not that much of a change! Do you prefer long or medium length hair?


  1. It looks cute! :) Idk though, I think shorter hair ages people. It helps if you already have a youthful face like you tho :) I think you should stay at that length though lol you might regret going too much further.

    1. Hehe thank you! Everyone thinks I'm at least 3 years younger than I am. You know Jen Im from Clothesencounters? I really love her hair and was thinking of going that length... Only thing is, short hair takes a lot more styling imo -__-