On Lifestyle and Lifestyle Blogging?

Saturday, 22 March 2014

So I started this space with the intention of it being a lifestyle blog along the lines of the blogs I love to read such as Cheeserland and QiuQiu. This is because I generally don't follow niche blogs, but look up any 'Beginner's Guide to Blogging' and it will say FIND A NICHE to find success! Lately my posts have been becoming quite impersonal and are mostly beauty reviews and occasional OOTDs and I'm sort of questioning whether it can really be a lifestyle blog. Mainly because as a full time, 5 days a week student, I don't go out much due to time and money constraints and thus, I have no lifestyle to blog about (how sad)! Secondly, I live in Perth, Australia- one of the most isolated cities in the world and there just aren't many opportunities for bloggers here, unlike in Singapore where there seem to be blogger events all the time. Sure Nuffnang does events, but I have never seen one in Perth, the forgotten city! :(

Things would probably be a lot different if I lived in Asia, but for now I'll just take all the opportunities I can and find a balance between study and blogging. As for content, I'm still on the fence but for now I'm going to blog about anything I want, because after all, blogging is a hobby.

So what's been up with me? Well Yanto and I have started karate! We do Go Ju Kai at Brian Mackie's Karate and I highly recommend it- there are a whopping 14 dojo's across Perth so you should be able to find one close to you! We have both done martial arts in the past and really enjoyed it. The atmosphere in our dojo is wonderful- all the black belts are so friendly and willing to help us out, we made friends almost immediately. I compare this to when I was a competitive dancer where I was bullied by other girls for a good 8 years, not to mention the teachers most of whom showed blatant favoritism and sometimes racism.

Looking fearsome!
I love karate because it gives me a varied workout with cardio, flexibility, agility and strength training. Every class is different and I come out sweating like crazy every time! A good deal of mental strength is required to perform the katas and it impresses me that children 10 and younger show such discipline in the sport. I do karate for fun, but I'm hoping the skills will come in useful should I ever need to use them. Plus, my strength and flexibility is improving in leaps and bounds!

We have our first grading in a few weeks, right in the middle of exam time (perfect timing) and I am really excited to progress up the grades. I'll try to update as much as possible in this time leading up to exams. To be honest, blogging probably wasn't the smartest hobby to take up considering my degree which is incredibly grueling. I feel like most people underestimate Chiropractors and Chiro students- we study the same units as medicine students do, plus have to be strong and fit to adjust patients. A lot of people are shocked when I tell them it's a 5 year degree... I get the impression they think you can become a Chiro with a 12 week course!

'Write the blog you want to read'. A shockingly simple piece of advice, but I'm unsure whether I can do that! Oh well, the show must go on!


  1. Hey Kim!!

    Just a reminder that Im still following the blog :) Get quite excited whenever I get my daily email from bloglovin' with one of your posts included :P

    Personally, my interest is in your lifestyle posts (that being said, I adore your fashion style) - mostly because you're from Perth too, so it's always interesting to read about whats going on in the hometown :) Like this karate thing sounds awesome!!! Good on you guys for working on your health and fitness :)

    1. That's so sweet Nhi! Thank you for reading my blog :). I remember you aren't so into beauty posts- it just so happened that I started getting beauty sponsors :P. I'll keep that in mind when planning for future posts, I'm so busy with study nowadays that I don't have much time to get out and about.

      omg, karate is so much fun! I have bruises everywhere from sparring, but damn it feels good :P. I think it's the perfect casual sport for Uni students, male and female!