Tobi Clothing Review- My First and LAST Experience

Thursday, 13 March 2014

I've been following Tobi Clothing on Facebook for over a year now and never bought anything from them despite the frequent sales and email bombardment. In January they had a 50% off sale so I decided to go ahead and make my first purchase- 2 waist belts, a skirt and a top. I received a confirmation email immediately afterwards and all was in order.

5 days later I received an email with the heading "Your order has shipped" so I marked it as 'read' without reading it... As you do when you online shop a lot and receive a ton of these status emails! My package took a really long time to come, at least 2-3 weeks -__-. 

When I opened my order there were only two items inside, the top and one belt with a note saying sorry for the delayed shipment or something of the sort- I threw away the note so I'm not sure exactly what it said because I assumed the other two items were coming in a separate shipment! This has happened to me twice with Style Nanda and both times I haven't minded because the remaining items came a few days later and they give you full size nail polishes (amazing quality) and samples as gifts plus little 'Sorry!' notes which is adoraballz. Tobi did include a cheap gold necklace (which I did not like) as a sort of mollification. 

As for the items, the top was of nice material and fitted me well- nothing much to say about it. On the other hand, the belt which can be found here was miles too big for me! Take a look at the picture- does it not look like a waist belt? It's even done up on the first notch with very little excess so I thought it would fit my small waist. I admit there are measurements on the page, but I didn't see them- I just looked at the picture (lesson learned) where they have obviously pinned the belt at the back. Turns out that the smallest notch does not even fit me at the hips. It's miles too big for me and I can't use it unless I get a hole punched in it and then find a way to knot up the large amount of excess belt. It literally wraps around me 1 and a half times! Ain't no student got time for that!

2 weeks passed and there was no sign of my other items. I wrote in to Tobi customer care and got this response:
"I’m sorry to let you know that the Gifted Scholar Skirt and the Halfway Belt became out of stock before your order could finish packing and was not shipped.

You have not been charged for the missing item and it will not be shipped in a separate shipment. To prevent a delay in delivery, your order was shipped As Is. The original authorization hold will fall off within the next few business days."
How does this happen? How is their system so bad that they can send me a confirmation of all 4 items and then suddenly realize they sold out afterwards? Don't websites have to keep track of their stock? And then why didn't I get a separate email notifying me of this change?! I wouldn't mind so much if they had informed me that I was not going to get 2 of my items. They sent me a 50% off code to use but pffft I'm not using it.

I went back and checked my order shipment email that I had just marked as 'read' and sure enough there were only two items on there. Note that this email was sent 5 days after my original order was confirmed -__-.

 This has got to be one of the worst online shopping experiences I have ever had. It could be worse though I admit, I could have gotten a rude response? Or a really delayed one? Or they could have charged me for all 4 items?

I have unliked the Tobi Facebook page and marked their emails as spam- which they pretty much are anyway. Judging from a Google search, I'm not the only one who feels this way, just read these reviews

Has anyone else ordered from Tobi?

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