Tony Moly Kiss Lover Lip Master Review in Allure Orange

Friday, 14 March 2014

I'm back with a string of Bntnews beauty box reviews, hurrah! As always I am so excited to share my thoughts on these fabulous Korean products with everyone. First up is the Tony Moly Kiss Lover Lip Master in Allure Orange. I happened to receive an orange lip tint (Verikos Choc Choc tint) last month which I quite liked, so let's see how this product compares!

The lip master is marketed as an all in one lipstick, lipgloss and lip tint and comes in 8 vivid shades. The product claims to be long lasting, highly pigmented and contains natural oils and butter for moisture.

The product comes in a sturdy square tube which carries a nice weight to it. The packaging is definitely heavier and thicker than my 3CE Stylenanda lipsticks and is too big to fit into my acrylic lipstick holder. The streak of color behind the 'Kiss Lover' text represents the lip color, overall the product looks modern and classy. 

The wand is short which allows for precise control when applying the product. The applicator is sponge tipped and tapered which allows you to outline the lips sharply with ease. 

The formula is a soft, mousse texture but thinner and more moisturizing with a glossy finish. The product spreads across the lips in a thin layer which surprisingly packs a lot of color, amazing pigmentation! The applicator does a good job of defining lip lines which is important when working with a color this vibrant and eye-catching. My lips are extremely hydrated but not sticky at all due to the thinner texture.

This product lasted for longer than I expected! I have worn this for 3 days straight and found that it can last an impressive 3-4 hours through a work shift and my lips are still very moisturized when I leave. The moisture and gloss did not dry up at all, nor did it dry my lips. The color does not hold up that well through meals and color tends to cling to the inner part of my lips and the creases (this is fairly normal with all lip products on my creased, dry lips). I notice some minor bleeding a few hours after wear, but nothing terribly obvious.

Overall, I love the non-sticky formula, pigmentation and most importantly, the moisturizing properties of this all in one product! I believe this is one of the most moisturizing and pigmented formulas I have come across- just look how happy my lips look in my swatch below.

For an every day look, try out gradient lips. Here I'm pairing it with ulzzang eye makeup including aegyo sal (enhanced eyebags) for an innocent look.

 For a more mature sexy look, apply the color all over the lips for intense, glossy color perfect for a night out. Pair it with bronze rimmed eyes and winged eyeliner for a sultry effect. This orange color looks amazing on tanned, yellow skin tones! I much prefer it to reds on myself.

I had been using lip tints through Summer because my lips were not terribly dry due to the sweaty weather. Lip tints are easy to apply, but they dry out faster than a gloss and need reapplication or lip balm for my lips to feel comfortable. I have to say I much prefer this product because it lasts the same amount of time as a tint but is more pigmented and moisturizing! Basically this product trumps all the lip tints I have tried and I doubt I will be going back to them. Tonymoly's Kiss Lover Lip Master truly lives up to it's claims. Super love it! You can find it on Ebay for a super low price of $7.65 USD- I highly recommend it!

*I received this product for free for review purposes. All opinions are honest and my own

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  1. The color looks great on you! In general I don't like TM but they make some bomb lip products :D so far I haven't been disappointed with them. I wanted to try this one for a while, thanks for reminding me hahaha. It's so strange seeing you with Ulzzang make after so many more mature posts hehe. Gradient lips suits you :)

    1. This particular product is one of my favorite korean lip products ever! I tried to love tints I really did, but they're just not good for my dry lips :( let me know what you think when you try it out! They have a really good shade selection too, I want them all! Thank you for the compliment, I already look really young normally and I think ulzzang make, especially aegyo sal makes me look sooo much younger and a little tired hehe :P