Verikos Deep Cleansing Oil Balm Review

Monday, 24 March 2014

Verikos products have consistently appeared in my Bntnews beauty boxes and I have been impressed with most of them. Today I have the Verikos Deep Cleansing Oil Balm to review for you including a demonstration of its makeup removing properties!

I was glad to see that Verikos has included descriptions and instructions in English. This balm is a 'deep pore cleansing and exfoliating 'non added' formula for sensitive skin type' and contains 7 plant extracts. For some reason the description says that it is an oil-free cleansing balm- a terrible typo (?) because the number 1 ingredient is canola oil. On that note, canola oil is a fantastic moisturizing oil for the skin and is great for all skin types! The product removes all contaminants and waste stored deep in the pores. Organic ingredients and nettle extract dissolve aged skin cells to make your skin clear and bright.

As usual, Verikos products do NOT contain: parabens, artificial dyes, mineral oils, alcohol or perfumes.

The balm comes in a sizeable container with a screw top and spatula. There is 100g of product and will last you around 2 months of daily use in my opinion.

Despite the heat, the balm remains solid in the container and only melts when it is rubbed into the skin. It is easy to scoop out of the container and has the texture of soft wax. The scent is extremely mild and smells like nettle extract (I know this because it smells similar to one of Lush's nettle hair products) which I love!

Generally I don't use a make up remover in my usual routine because I hate the fuss of cotton pads. I just depend on my Neutrogena Fresh Face Wash to take off all my makeup (in two washes) in my shower. Let's see how this product compares!

Here is a whopping amount of dried waterproof mascara, much more than you would use on your lashes, thickly smeared onto my hand along with a decent swatch of Stylenanda's 3CE waterproof under eye flash. Next to it is a small amount of the Verikos cleansing balm- note that it has already started to melt on contact with the skin.

30 seconds later after rubbing away gently, the balm turns extremely watery and milky and most of the makeup has dissolved!
Tip: wash off the balm with warm water for easier removal of the oily film.

I won't lie and say that this product removes every stitch of makeup on my face. I would say the trace amount of mascara you see above is a good representation of what one use removes- around 95% of makeup. On the face it removes all base makeup completely but does leave small amounts of mascara and dried eyelash glue behind. After rinsing my face with warm water, I find that I still feel a little oily so you definitely need to use a cleanser afterwards.

I enjoy using this balm before I get into the shower at night as it feels really therapeutic and relaxing massaging the oil into my skin. I feel as though my face is getting a thorough cleanse from this product, leaving my cleanser free to penetrate deeper into my pores! The only thing I dislike about it is that it is one step extra than what I am used to, but you know...I think I could get used to this.

Overall I like this product a lot and think that is it one of the most effective and fuss free (no annoying cotton pads!) makeup removers I have tried! It's also a lot less trouble to remove than a regular oil cleanse which needs to be done with a hot washcloth. If you're in the market for a deep cleansing makeup remover try this out! You'll need to pick it up in Korea though, as this product doesn't seem to be available online.

*I received this product for free for review purposes. All opinions are honest and my own

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