Easter Celebrations! Pear and Almond Cake + a Sunflower Pie!

Sunday, 20 April 2014

Happy Easter everyone! I hope everyone had a lovely time with their friends and family! We celebrated with a super chilled out pot luck dinner with some friends at our place. Yanto was absolutely set on making a 'sunflower pie' once he saw this recipe (it's worth the click!). I decided on making a slightly fancier pear and almond cake over my usual gluten-free, dairy-free chocolate brownies. Read on to see how our cooking endeavors turned out!

The first step in preparation for guests is washing Pika pomeranian after her daily visit to the park. She's so adorable that no one really minds the task of washing her because she just stands in the sink patiently the whole time. No fussing at all!

Haha I cannot get over how funny she looks without all her fur! She is seriously 70% fluff, 30% dog. 

Much better ^^. My little angel!

It was time to start baking my gluten and dairy free pear and almond cake. I used this easy recipe and I highly recommend it because it was super easy and everyone loved it. I love lazy recipes that don't involve any electronic beaters- this one was purely mixed with a blender. This cake is extremely rich in protein (8 eggs + almonds yo!) and will definitely leave you feeling satisfied! This is what it looked like before baking.

Selfies with my cute $2 oven mitts from Daiso Japan whilst my cake bakes!

I noticed some girls on Get it Beauty (a Korean beauty talk show) were wearing their hair in this cute half updo bun, so I decided to try it! I simply separated my hair into two sections and pinned the top half around my bun donut. I think it's a really cute and fun hairstyle to try out, especially if you suck at doing hair like me. 

Annnddd this is how my cake turned out! Charred on one side, but that didn't stop anyone from eating it all up! The cake was extremely dense and not too sweet. My friend said it had the texture of 'that green Malaysian cake that isn't pandan' (lol)- a Google revealed he meant kuih seri muka? Another gluten-free, dairy-free recipe to add to my collection after this success!

And this is how Yanto's spinach and ricotta pie turned out on his first attempt! Yes the pastry is also hand made with spelt flour to make it gluten free. Doesn't it look amazing? What a talented dude :).

Our group of usuals brought chicken drumsticks, home made hummus, pasta and a packet of chips. There's always that one person who brings chips -__-.  All of our friends happen to be nerds so we played a ton of Tekken Tag Tournament, had a cute Easter Egg hunt and finished with an intense round of Settlers of Catan!

We were left with a heap of uneaten Easter eggs because everyone is too darn healthy! Not that I can complain, I didn't eat any either. I love hosting get togethers and making people eat whatever my mediocre cooking skills produce muahaha.

Hope you guys don't mind this casual post! How did you celebrate Easter?


  1. THAT SUN PIE!!!


    Very cool!! Hopefully you guys have had a really awesome set of long weekends. It's gonna be a while before the next lot of public holidays T_T

    1. I know right, it was so cool! I always forget how many public holidays we get around Easter. This year they fell into our (too) short trimester break so we didn't get to enjoy them as much because we didn't get to skip Uni boo. I hope you had a brilliant Easter Nhi!