Fasio BB Cream Review

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Hi everyone! I have a BB cream from Fasio, a Japanese brand, to review for you today which I picked up in Japan for around $11 on sale. I remember using Fasio mascaras back in my Singapore high school days- I loved how waterproof and curly (albeit a bit crusty) they made my eyelashes! 

I threw this BB cream in my basket after I saw they had a range of shades: 01- Bright beige, 02- Natural beige and 03- Healthy Beige. I have the darkest shade, 03 Healthy beige which matches my NC30ish skin tone quite well. This BB cream contains mattifying powders and 'sebum resistant' silicone polymers to adhere to skin to conceal pores and even skin tone to a silky smooth finish. If I had been able to read this information in Japan I probably would not have bought it because my dry skin is not a fan of matte products. Read on to see how it performed!

This product is tiny and contains only 30g of product, half the size of a regular full sized BB cream. The small, flat tube and secure twist top make it lovely for traveling! It also contains a whopping SPF50+ making it very suitable for sunny climates.

This BB cream can be likened to a foundation- I find it thick yet easily blendable and the medium to high coverage it provides is very impressive. As you can see, the tiny smear on my hand in the above picture blends to cover a lot of skin! True to the claims, this BB cream adheres to my skin brilliantly and blends seamlessly to a matte finish, unlike most BB creams which are creamy and leave a dewy finish. There is a very slight greyish cast when it's blended but this is hardly noticeable on my yellow skin. 

Apologies for the chapped lips... They're going through a temperamental phase.
Take a look at how well one layer of product (applied with my fingers) covers up the darkness around my mouth and the capillaries on my eyelids! Although the coverage is medium to high, my skin still looks natural and the product feels so light and smooth on my face. I have dry skin and find that this product does not emphasise any flakes or dry patches at all which is so rare in mattifying products, so the formula is indeed super impressive! 

When I use this product I do not need any setting powder because the product sets itself and lasts all day (8 hours +) without any shine to be seen. I believe girls with any skin type will be happy with this product as it does not emphasise dry skin yet it provides excellent oil control!

I completed my makeup using only 1 layer of the Fasio BB cream all over my face with no concealer or powder. 

Overall I give this product a whopping 9/10. It provides a high SPF, medium to high coverage, a decent variety of shades and a perfectly smooth matte finish without feeling heavy or cakey! The product lost 1 mark because of it's small size and lack of skincare factors eg. whitening and wrinkle care, that we expect of modern BB creams.

The Fasio BB cream is available on Ebay here for $18. I highly recommend this gem of a product!

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  1. This looks really like a great BB cream worth a try. Thanks for the review :)

    1. Thank you for your comment! I really believe this is a great product, I hope it encourages people to try it because it seems no one knows about it :(.