Free Glasses?! Clearly Contacts Derek Cardigan 7004 Fog Review

Saturday, 12 April 2014

I have a complicated history with my eyes, long story short- I switched to soft disposable contacts lenses and thus needed a pair of glasses for convenience. There was a Facebook ad for Clearly Contacts Australia that said you could get your first pair of glasses free so I snapped up a pair straight away! Note the only thing you need to pay for is postage, unless you want fancy transition lenses or something.

The offer is only applicable for certain frames but there are still heaps to choose from- see all the eligible frames here. They have a really neat 'Try On View' which allows you to choose a model with a similar face to yours, or upload a photo of yourself and view the frames on your face! Unfortunately this doesn't work with all the frames but I found it really useful in narrowing down my choices. 

I finally decided on the Derek Cardigan 7004 frame in Fog because I wanted the nerdy safety glasses look. The order process was so easy- simply enter in your glasses prescription, choose your frills (you can get all sorts of fancy lenses, but these cost extra so I didn't get them), put in the coupon code 'FPF' and then pay for the postage which is $9.95. The original price of the frames is $79- the deal is almost too good to be true!


My package came within 5 days which is freakishly fast considering they had to make my lenses! I was so excited when I saw this neat little box- idk why but I was expecting a shabby parcel with my glasses taped in to some bubble wrap.

I was so surprised at what I found inside! More free stuff to go with my free glasses! I almost felt bad that I didn't have to pay for this.

The case is super sturdy and pretty nice quality if you ask me.

All of these 3 items fit perfectly into the tiny case on the left! That's a full size lens cleanser, lens cloth and a key chain screw driver! Pretty amazing.

 Tadahhh, these are my glasses and I likey. They feel really well made and resistant to damage- I think it's the whole clear acetate frame vibe.

On me, they are really big which is exactly what I wanted! It felt like I was looking out of a fishbowl for awhile, but I think that's normal when you are not used to glasses. I feel like I will always look better without glasses, and considering this, I think these suit me quite well. 

FYI I have a smallish head and an oval face. Fellow Asians, do not fear, this style sits on my non-existant nose bridge quite comfortably and does not touch my cheeks at all! Here's some angles for inspection:

Even better, Clearly offers a 30 day free trial even for free glasses. If you don't like them, you can exchange them for a different frame, and you do not need to pay the return postage fee. My goodness, it's just such a good deal- which is why more people should know about this company!

Disclaimer- This post is not sponsored by Clearly Contacts. I am writing this review simply because I had an amazing experience with them. Everything went perfectly and I am a happy customer ^^.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post! 

Fun fact- Pika pomeranian (freshly bathed here) shares my seat with me every time I go on my laptop. Actually, she sits on my lap every time I sit down, including meal times. And no, she doesn't beg for food, she genuinely just wants to sit on my lap just because! *dies from cuteness overload*.


  1. Thank you Joanne! I still think I definitely look better without glasses though :P

    1. haha actually I find you quite drool-worthy in glasses. Enough to follow the Clearly link back to here lol. You look great either way but Im slightly biased towards the bookish look.

      Found you while trying to look up the address for the Sydney store to check out at least while I'm back in Aus. I did bum a few pairs of free glasses from them while I was over in Canada but was never anywhere near their showroom there.

    2. Haha thank you, I'm getting used to them now it's been a few weeks! Definitely have a look at their store!

  2. These look so cute on you! Funny, everything looks exactly the same as Coastal except the logo! I wonder if they're owned by the same people =) I also wrote a post just because I was so satisfied with mine haha.

    1. I'm very sure they are the same because clearly contacts contacted (lol) me and asked whether I wanted to be their first style ambassador and linked me the coastal style ambassadors page as reference! And thank you, I feel like a true nerd in my Derek Cardigans ^^