Japan Dreaming

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

I'm down 4/8 exams so far so I thought I'd take a quick half way break to write a blog post about how much I would love to be in Japan right now. I mean seriously, I've whined about it at least once a day to who ever happens to be around me (usually Yanto) and I suddenly remembered that I never posted the pictures of one of the most heavenly meals I've had in my life!!

We spent one happy day in Akihabara, Tokyo and it was one of my favorite places because it was so different! From massive electronic stores, maid cafes and speciality yoyo stores, every corner was a surprise. I remember poking around in a random comic store and heading up the stairs with Yanto before suddenly realizing that all the posters plastered on the walls depicted naked girls with massive boobs! I was super shocked and embarrassed so we quickly stumbled right back down the stairs :P.

For lunch we chanced upon this place advertising relatively cheap food (around $7-10 AUD) so in we ran. Oh the life of a student. It was the sort of food that is right up my alley- I love nothing more than raw seafood on a bed of rice with some wasabi and soy sauce! Not so much Yanto's thing- he likes his meat... cooked may I add, but I'm glad he humored me because he loved his dish too. This is what we had!

My combination seafood don!
 I can't get over how good this was. The freshness of the seafood and the perfectly cooked rice, so full of flavour! Words can't describe how I felt at that moment, being in Japan for the first time, eating the food I love and just being on holiday after studying for 18 years straight! It all combined into one giant ball of happiness. Everything in that bowl just melted (or popped) in my mouth and it was the perfect size to leave me feeling super satisfied. I could eat this every single day, no joke.

Yanto's broiled salmon.

The salmon was super soft and so so tasty! I prefer my salmon raw, always, but I remember this dish being amazing as well. Yanto went into his 'heaven' mode when he was eating it, which actually resembles a sort of absence seizure. That's how good it was.

This is what it looks like from the outside- nothing much right? We could have so easily walked past it! I can't read the name of the shop, but if you go to Akihabara try and find it if you can- you won't be disappointed!

One thing I have to say though- the service was not really friendly at all which is quite unusual for Japan. Is it because we were annoying gaijin? Who knows, but I didn't mind because the food was literally like a taste of heaven.

We loved it so much we wanted to go back on our last day, but as these things go, there wasn't enough time so we missed out. Till next time Akihabara!

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