Lush American Cream Conditioner Review

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Did you know all my haircare products are from Lush? Since I reviewed my very first solid shampoo so very long ago, I have exclusively used these nifty bars to clean my hair, trying out a new one each time. Only recently did I pick up another Lush conditioner (after hating the Jungle bar conditioner) and  American Cream is a winner for my dry, damaged hair.

American Cream is one of Lush's bestsellers and with good reason! This is the second bottle of American Cream we have gone through because the boyfriend and I love this stuff. It comes in an easy squeezy plastic recyclable bottle (no frills here!) which works well as the product is runny enough to succumb to gravity when you turn it upside down.

This 500g bottle costs $34 and is enough to last two people (I have long hair and Yanto has half a head of shoulder length hair) around 2-3 months. 

Hardworking Kale makes most of the Lush products we purchase! Good on you Kale!

The conditioner is quite rich and is a medium thickness- as you can see it is running down my hand. Surprisingly you need very little of the product to coat your hair compared to a normal silicone conditioner. I use half a palm of conditioner to coat my long hair from ears to ends and then indulge in the sweet strawberry cream scent as I brush my teeth/wash my face before washing it out. My hair absorbs this stuff like crazy, so much so that there is hardly anything left to wash out! I have never experienced this phenomenon before :O. This also means that my shower floor does not get coated in slippery silicones, hurrah! 

My hair is left feeling really soft and nourished from the inside instead of feeling coarse and 'coated' with a slippery barrier. Since I started using this conditioner, I find my hair dries a lot smoother and straighter if I brush it when it's damp and leave it to dry naturally. Not to mention the smell lingers for a good few hours after. Sometimes I can still smell strawberries the day after if I consciously give my hair a whiff!

Look how soft my hair looks! Photo from my Koogal clothing post.
Overall, I LOVE this conditioner and it has changed my hair for the better. Never has my hair felt this soft and healthy before! This product is definitely for you if you have dry, damaged or colored hair. I top up my hair routine with a Retread mask (review coming soon) every week which really helps my hair retain its softness.

I hope you enjoyed this review! Have you tried American Cream?

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