Lush Retread Conditioner Review

Thursday, 24 April 2014

As promised, here's my review of Lush's Retread conditioner which is my newest addition to my hair routine! My routine involves washing my hair 2-3 times a week with a Lush solid shampoo (I'm using Squeaky Green right now), conditioning with American Cream and using Retread as a hair mask once a week.

"Triple strength conditioner for extra softness. As with so many Lush products, Retread appears, on first contact, to resemble a cholesterol-laden pudding. It is scented with violets and oranges with a hint of sensual musk. You can use a spoon, if you like, but we prefer to dip our hands in and plaster the super-smoothing cream all over our hair for the seaweed, yoghurt, cantaloupe melon and jojoba oil to give seriously sad hair its shine back. Do not use it if your hair is lifeless and limp, Retread would squash it flat. Use it when your hair is feeling rough, harsh and wrecked. Retread will restore its sanity".- Lush website

Retread is marketed as a serious strength conditioner, which I thought would be perfect for my dry damaged hair. It cost me $23.95 for a 245g pot which I initially thought was quite expensive because the tub looked so small! However I've used it at least 6-8 times and the tub is still more than 3/4 full so this product will stretch a long way, especially if you use it like I do- I'll explain later.

I'm not used to pot products in the shower and have to say I do prefer the ol' squeezy bottle for convenience. However the tub adds on to our collection of Lush pots which can be exchanged for a face mask once we collect 5!

The instructions say to use Retread like a normal conditioner- wash hair, apply the product and wash away. However I tried this over 1 week and found that it did not absorb into my hair much at all and left my hair feeling dry, tangled and in much rougher condition than American Cream! I was so surprised because the descriptions describe this as a real heavy weight conditioner, yet the product felt much lighter and more watery than American Cream and did next to nothing to improve the condition of my hair.

One day I decided to use it as a hair mask. I applied it to dry hair until my locks were lightly coated, put it in a bun and went about my business for a few hours before washing my hair and conditioning with American Cream. The difference was remarkable! My hair was noticeably softer and smoother than normal and it's not often that I can feel a significant change in my hair condition. I feel that Retread needs more time than a regular conditioner to set into the hair shaft and thus works far better as a mask. Currently I use it once a week and have started relying on it to restore my hair to its softest condition. 

One thing I must mention is the smell. To me it definitely does not smell like violets and oranges. For some reason the smell reminds me of hay (sometimes I have a very weird nose), I'm neutral towards the scent which does linger in the hair even after using American Cream. My boyfriend however, hated the smell and refused to use it after one use! So smell before you buy!

Retread does not work as a conditioner for me, but it works wonders as a mask. I hope this post helps some of you who have not liked this product before (most of the reviews are quite mediocre) and that you get the same awesome results as I did!

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  1. Oooh I've really wanted to try lush hair products for a while like the shampoo bar thing!, I might just pick this up as a hair mask it sounds good for my damaged hair!. Love the review x

    1. Yes definitely give this one a try! I would love to know whether it does the same to your hair as mine :). The shampoo bars are great because they are super cheap and last for ages. But lately I've been noticing my scalp has been getting a bit dry from almost a year of washing with the bars so I might have to change up my routine soon. Thanks for your comment Priya ^^