March Favorites 2014

Sunday, 13 April 2014

I did take these photos at the end of March but this post got delayed because of exams. Better late than never! I don't have many favorites because I was in a killer exam period and was sticking to the basics in my beauty routine.

1. Yesstyle Printed Pullover- It's been getting a little colder (sort of) in Perth and I'm a wuss when it comes to the cold so I proclaimed it sweater weather time! I love this sweet pastel jumper because it is so soft and warm and is really easy to pair with florals or white for a super girly look. Unfortunately this item is no longer available, boo. I actually had a pretty terrible experience with Yesstyle- I hate Toll shipping and I had to return a pair of shoes which cost me $14 for the return postage! Not happy. 

2. Un Jour a Biavitz Perfume- My Mum bought this for me in France from a little indie store. I'm terrible with perfumes, having owned literally 4-5 in my life time, all of them being gifts so I won't try to describe the notes. I stopped wearing perfume a year ago because every perfume I tried gave me a headache! This one smells really strongly (sweet and musky) but I don't any bad reactions to it and it smells amazing.

3. Verikos Collagen Tightening Cream- Another one of my past Bntnews face creams that I fell in love with all over again. I remember liking it at the time, but after trying it again, I love it! It is a really thick, luxurious lemon scented cream that really feels like it's plumping and firming my skin. I love using this as a night cream.

4. Macaron ring case from Forever New- I picked this up in store some months ago and have been using it to store my used false eyelashes! Isn't it adorable? It looks so cute on my shelf and makes me happy every time I open it.

5. BRTC Jasmine Moist Pact- Simply the perfect powder for dry skin. Click on the link to read my rave review!

6. Words of Radiance by Brandon Sanderson- I mentioned the first book of this series in my February favorites. Me and my fellow fantasy friends were squirming with anticipation spren (lol) months before this book was set to be released. We had it pre ordered and picked it up the very day it was released in Australia and devoured all >1000 pages in mere days and it did not disappoint! This series remains my favorite fantasy series of all time over Patrick Rothfuss' Kingkiller Chronicles series. So goddam EPIC and so well written with the best character development and flashback scenes, this series earns a rave review from me!

The book is so large that everyone who sees it usually retracts with shock/disgust.

The art within the book is plenty and so beautiful! It really helps the imagination flow.

I hope you enjoyed my sparse favorites for March! Lots of love!


  1. Hi Kim,
    Great blog, I just discovered it, and have enjoyed browsing through it. That's great you give book reviews, I also have a few in my blog too. Feel free to check it out if you have some time too =)

    Nice Blog =)

    1. Hi! Thanks for your comment, I'm glad you like my blog! Ima check yours out now! ^^

  2. That pink sweater is so adorable ^^
    It's definitely getting a little colder now! Good excuse for me to go shopping for cute knitwear now ^^
    I have that macaron case too - but the purple one! It's very cute <3

    1. I have been wearing that sweater way too much! It's so cute and warm! I absolutely love the macaron case too :P Usually I don't buy stuff like that but I couldn't pass it up! Thanks for commenting xx