Nature Republic Botanical Eco Crayon Lip Rouge Review

Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Today I have a lip crayon to review for you which was very kindly sent from Honestskin! Thank you very much for all the wonderful products you sent to me- I was so surprised and happy when I received my package!

The product is described as a jumbo lip rouge crayon that creates a glossy, creamy finish. It creates natural colors on the lips with a velvety smooth texture and comes in a convenient twist case. There is 2.5 g of product which is comparable to the amount contained in a small lipstick. Honestskin stocks 3/5of the eco crayons in #01- Candy Pink, #02- Berry Pink and #03- Scarlet Orange. 

I received #03 Scarlet Orange. My last 4 lip products I have received have been orange which just goes to show how on trend the color is right now! Luckily, I absolutely love orange on my lips and think it adds a great pop of color for any skin tone.

The crayon comes in a small box made of 'eco-friendly' paper and contains braille for the blind on one side (just like the Aqua Max cream). I love the flower illustration on the front of the box and feel like this product definitely gives off a more mature vibe.

The crayon is housed in a simple, clean white tube with a clear lid. The orange section at the bottom twists to elevate the crayon, but be careful not to elevate it too far as the product may break. I like that the colors are clearly marked on the crayon, making the shades easy to spot in my collection!

I prepped my lips with Etude House's Chocolate Kiss lip essence before applying the lip rouge. 

When I first applied this product, I immediately liked it. The small size of the crayon tip made it easy to dab on the inner portion of my lips to create the perfect natural gradient lip. It has a creamy and hydrating formula and the crayon applied extremely smoothly and did not tug on my lips at all. The pigmentation is medium and can be built up from a sheer wash of color to full point color. The orange is extremely natural when applied gradient style, yet bright and vivid when applied fully and I love how it looks with my tanned skin tone!

The color faded around the inner portions of my lips after eating a meal but I found that the remaining formula was creamy enough that I could press my lips together and even out the color! I was quite impressed at the lasting time of this product especially as it has a hydrating formula which tend to have less staying power.

Overall I think this product is fantastic. It has everything my dry lips could want- hydration, staying power, flexibility in creating different looks and amazing color! I highly recommend this lip crayon and was gobsmacked when I looked it up on Honestskin *click me* to find that it only costs $6.29 USD! I would be willing to pay around $15 for this product!

What's even better news is that Honestskin has given me a 5% discount code for my readers. Use the code 6E9A7N67UU at checkout! Apply the code and this lip crayon goes down to below $6. Holy Moly!

I hope you guys enjoyed this review, I certainly enjoyed writing it because it's been awhile since I've reviewed a product I actually loved!

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    I know where my next paycheck is going.

    Thank you for the lovely review :) I'm really interested in the berry pink.
    Aside from loss during eating how did you find it's lasting power?

    1. Hi Nhi! I have worn this for 6 hour tonight with a few touch up dabs after dinner (without a mirror) and it's still 100% there. I didn't even use a lip balm and my lips are super moisturised! This product is super amazing :O

  2. Hiya! I am a bit uneducated when it comes to applying lip colour - what is a gradient lip application? sorry if it is obvious! Amy

    1. Hi Amy! Nice to see you on here :). Gradient application is like the 2nd photo of my lips- when the color is applied heavily to the inner parts of the lips and blended out lighter towards the edges. It's a really popular trend in Asia but not so much in the West. It's also a great way to wear bright lip colors without being too bold !

  3. I love the color. Really beautiful!:)

    1. Thank you Fräulein! I want to get all the colors now!

  4. The color looks so nşce on you ~~