Pinnacles OOTD- Desert Roadtrip

Monday, 21 April 2014

On Easter Sunday we took a 3 hour drive up North of Perth to see the pinnacles for the first time- day trip photos will be coming soon! This is what I wore and it happened to be very dessert appropriate. A skort to keep decent during gusts of wind and an appropriately sheer lacey top to keep my cool in the heat. I kept it untucked and the sleeves rolled for a relaxed silhouette to match my holiday mood.

This top made its round through Aussie boutiques last year where it retailed for $50+! I suggest you buy it off Ebay for $10 like me right here.

Lace crotchet top from Ebay
Skort from Holly Hoque boutique
Livnow sunnies from Quay eyewear
Boots from Lipstick shoes (similar)
Rose gold necklace from Tobi

Stay tuned for an upcoming 'Picnic at the Pinnacles post'!

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  1. You have perfect body, Kine! And love your outfit ^^

    Btw I've nominated you for Sunshine Blogger Award

    1. You as well Rini! Always so slim and pretty! Thank you so much for your lovely words and for nominating me! I will get to writing my answers up right now ;)

  2. i love how you thoughen up the sweet look with edgy boots!


    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Thank you Vina! I love my cut out booties, they go with anything and everything. I followed you on IG, hope to see more of your updates!

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks dear! ^^ I'll go check out your blog now!