Sunshine Blogger Award- Get to Know me!

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Thank you so much Rini for nominating me for my very first blogger award! *feels special*

The rules:
1. Post a picture of the Sunshine Blogger Award
2. Post 11 random facts about you
3. Answer 11 questions from the nominating blogger
4. Link back to the blogger who nominated you
5. Nominate 11 wonderful bloggers, that you feel bring sunshine to the blogging world (be sure to notify them).
6. Write 11 questions for your nominated blogger

11 random facts about me!

1. I cannot leave the house without a water bottle in my bag.
2. I have a 'pointy' heel shape which means I cannot wear any sort of pumps or shoes that do not have an ankle strap.
3. I am a massive Les Miserables (the musical) fan.
4. My drink of the month is hot water with lemon juice with a dash of pink salt.
5. I have never ever watched a movie/dvd by myself!
6. When I was 8 I was a blue belt, black tip in Karate (Goju Kai style). I recently took it up again at age 23!
7. My mother is a skin cancer surgeon.
8. I love aquariums but I have a huge fear of open water and sea creatures that are... not behind glass. Lol.
9. You probably already know this, but I have only read fantasy books for the last 5 years. My favorite series is the Stormlight Archives by Brandon Sanderson. 
10. My favorite character from Game of Thrones is the Hound. I also had a crush on Khal Drogo. Everyone laughs at me when I tell them this!
11. I can do the splits all 3 ways, hold a handstand and elbow balance (for a long time!) and do an aerial cartwheel!

Proof from today at the park ^^.
My answers to Rini's questions:

1. What is your biggest fear? I would have to say old age.
2. Do you prefer rainy or sunny day? Sunny of course! Rain is only good for sleeping.
3. Cupcake or macaroon? Definitely cupcakes. I have never tried a macaroon because they look so dry haha.
4. What is your favorite anime? You know, I have never got into anime or manga! The female characters always tend to annoy me for some reason. I would have to say Pokemon, I enjoyed that immensely as a child.
5. What is your dream when you was a child? To be a dancer. Which was coming true before my dream changed! Plus, I have flexible flat feet which made going en pointe extra hard.
6. Basketball or football? Neither! I dislike most sport!
7. Your daily makeup product? Etude House Bright Fit BB cream.
8. What fashion style are you most comfortable with? Either girly or grungy depending on my mood. The outfit must involve flat shoes though.
9. When did you start using makeup? Around 12 for dancing shows.
10. Do you have any city you wish you could live in right now? I would love to live in Japan or America for some part of my life!
11. Lollipop or bubble gum? Neither because they are bad for your teeth. *shakes finger*

Now I nominate the rest of the Bntgirls:

I haven't been on the blog scene for very long so I haven't met many other bloggers :(. So whoever else reads this, I choose you!

And my curious questions are:

1. Which hairstyle have you always wanted to try but didn't have the guts to do it?
2. Who was your favorite Spice Girl?
3. What are your thoughts on durians?
4. What is your least favorite cuisine?
5. Whats next on your travel plans?
6. Peaches or plums?
7. Dogs or cats?
8. Your favorite hair product?
9. In your opinion what is the most important quality a person can possess?
10. Skydiving or Bungee jumping?
11. Any special talents we don't know about?

I hope you enjoyed this post!

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  1. *hi5* THAT'S RIGHT!! Khal Drogo is THE man. I have such a huge things for couple (I swear, if I ever see you and Yanto around in Perth, there will be group hugs!!) and adore him and Daenys together.

    I'm really impressed by your core strength!! Can you do standing splits too?!

    That was a fun read :D

    1. Haha you're so sweet ^^. I love Drogo (in the books) and was so upset when he died... from a simple wound infection waaahhhh! GoT Why you kill everyone I love?! Luckily the Hound is still alive and slayin'.

      Standing splits as in sliding into the splits then coming up again? Unfortunately I can't do that :(. I can almost do a pistol squat though, just a little more practice and I'll be there!

    2. I KNOW RIGHT!!! Someone as manly as Drogo should NOT die from such a wussy wound -___- Oh man....I was originally planning to watch Season 4 once it was all out (devour it all in a weekend), but I realised the fatal flaw in my plan - SPOILERS. Apparently this season deviates from the books so they're killing off people that are still alive in the books. x___X Haha!! The hound!! How far into the books did you get? Some of the scenes of him and Arya are pretty hilarious.

      Hahahahaha, I think i had to do something similar in a stretch+flex class, it is SO painful. I was referring to this when I was said standing splits:

    3. I watched a panel with Drogo, Arya and the Hound on YT and I swear Drogo was drunk the whole time haha. Yeah some people are pretty douchey with posting spoilers on fb -__-. We watch it every Monday as soon as it comes out! All our GoT friends come over and we connect it up to a big screen ^^.

      ohhh I see! No I can't do that any more! I used to be able to when I was in my prime but I'm old now :'(