April and May Life Updates- Birthday, Gardening and Strawberry Beds

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Hello! I've been feeling like I've been lost in a string of product reviews- I feel a bit bored so maybe you guys are feeling a bit bored too? Even though my lifestyle posts hardly ever get any comments compared to my beauty posts so maybe you guys hate them? I have no idea! Let me know in the comments if you feel obliged! I just tried to install Disqus and I don't think I did it right so let me know if there are any problems there.

Here's some random photos from April and May!

We celebrated Yanto's Birthday at the Raw Kitchen in Freo with 10 or so friends. Here's an unedited photo of my favorite dish there- the wild mushroom pizza! It has shitake and enoki mushrooms and is super delicious- a must try if you ever go there!

One of our rare photos together :).

Being sort-of health nerds, we also started growing our own organic herbs and veges! I never thought of myself as a 'garden person', and was initially reluctant to start growing plants. But after planting them, I realized it isn't much work at all! All we have to do is water them every day and it's super satisfying to see our babies grow! We chose veges that can be harvested- that is we just take off the outer leaves when we need them and the plant will keep growing which will save the heartbreak of pulling the whole plant out :).

These photos were taken 2 weeks ago and I'm surprised how much they have grown in such a short space of time!



The 3rd pot contains spring onions we were growing from seeds, so they hadn't sprouted at this point.

Why are they on chairs you ask? Because Pika pomeranian kept jumping in the pots! I caught her sitting in one of them once, who knows why! It was really cute though (hehe) but Yanto was not happy about it.

The tree in the middle is Yanto's prize Tahitian Lime tree and he arranged the rest in a shrine to honor it haha. From L-R: Citronella (to keep the mosquitos away), Basil, another Citronella, Orchids, Rosemary, Chilli and Parsley up on top of the tiles.

We are planning to get an avocado tree and have been put on the wait list. I would also love to grow zuchini!

Photo from my Insta @kim_kine

In other news, we got Pika a strawberry bed (here on Ebay) because we thought it would be adorable to see her sleep in it. As these things go, she absolutely hates it and will not go inside it unless we bribe her. Follow the line of her gaze in the photo above to Steph's hand which contains a treat. She has taken to jumping on the roof to completely squish it and then sleeps on top of it. Ah well, what can ya do!

Also, we did our first karate grading smack in the middle of exam time last trimester. We performed well enough to skip 2 belts and are now proud green belts! 

And that's what's been up with me! I also attended the launch of Synthesis Organics, an Australian skincare line, last night at the raw kitchen- photos will be coming soon! 

Let me know if you love or hate these lifestyle updates posts :)

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