Day Trip to the Pinnacles, Western Australia

Tuesday, 6 May 2014

On Easter Sunday Yanto and I took a day trip 3 hours up north to see the pinnacles, one of WA's attractions that we had both never seen! Here's our day in photos.

Excuse the chapped lips!
We live together and have been together for almost two years yet the 6 hours driving in total was so much fun. Never a dull moment :).

My Quay sunglasses <3

We got there and trekked a fair way away from public eyes so we could unpack our picnic. I thought it would be quite normal to bring a picnic but apparently not... We were the only ones! So I felt a bit self conscious hehe. Yanto does most of the cooking around the house and he packed a wonderful picnic of omelette, vegetable risotto, hummus, kimchi dumplings, juice and Easter eggs. Aren't I lucky!

We took refuge behind a rock away from prying eyes... Sort of. 
These are the pinnacles! It's basically a really large expanse of rock and sand but I found it quite beautiful in that Australian barren desert kind of way. Plus the sky was really epic that day and the weather was perfect! It was nowhere near as hot as it looks in the photos.

My Kinoko bento box from Bento & co. It contained carrot sticks and hummus dip! These make the cutest gifts ^^.

Found a miniature Pride Rock... So... you know what comes next!
See the details for this OOTD here.

After viewing various pinnacles and exploring the tiny pinnacles 'discovery center' we drove a short way to some pristine white sand dunes and had a little play time!

The sand was the finest we have ever felt. It was like powder!

Casting spells and such ;).

Then we drove back the 3 hours to Perth. I was so happy that day and looking back on it now I'm still smiling :). 6 hours in a car going to see some sand and rocks sounds terribly mundane, but it was one of the best days I've had this year. I'm so blessed to have this life and love. 

I hope you enjoyed the photos!


    It is so squat and its a mushroom! *squeee*

    Anyways! The photos look awesome!! I love the ones of you and Yanto playing around with the sand. Doesn't look like there were many people up there which is pretty great.

    If you guys are ever up for another road trip, I would recommend the Principality of Hutt River (aka. The Province of Hutt River). It's a bit further than the pinnacles but it's a stopover if you ever go to Kalbarri. I recommend it just because of the story behind it - plus Prince Leonard is SO friggin kickass, he's a super adorble elderly gentleman.

    I'll just quickly explain what happened - but The Province of Hutt River is an independent nation located in Australia. Leonard and his family owned a HUGE farm, and for some reason the Australian government tried to claim it for Australia and take it away from the family. Leonard was not cool with that and awesomely enough, he is quite well learned in Australian law. So he filed all these disputes and fought with the government about this for years. Eventually, they separated from the nation and declared independence.

    As they are a nation in their own way, Leonard has developed his own currency and his own postal service (because AusPost refuses to handle mail for the province). It's amazing.

    Just thought I'd share, as not very many people know about it. ^^

    Thank you for sharing the lovely photos :D

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