Eles Photo Touch Concealer Review

Sunday, 11 May 2014

I'm quite excited to review this product for you guys because not many people know about this fantastic brand Eles. I was fortunate enough to receive their Photo Touch Concealer in Light/Medium to review and Kanya, their PR coordinator, is one of the loveliest ladies I have ever had the pleasure to meet through an email! Thank you for being so nice!

Some background reading:
ELES™ Mineral Makeup is a sophisticated mineral makeup line specially formulated to enhance the results obtained from professional skincare. Eles cosmetics allows skin to “breathe” freely while shielding against age aggressors. Every product is free of heavy fillers and pore-clogging ingredients. The skin-safe formulas contain no chemical ‘nasties’ or potential irritants, such as fragrance, talc, oil and dyes. It is the perfect choice following cosmetic surgery, chemical peels, laser treatments, waxing, or for individuals who suffer from acne, rosacea, hyperpigmentation and other skin conditions.

As someone who has suffered from bad acne and hyperpigmentation, I wish I knew about brands like Eles a few years ago. To think I used to cover my pimples and scars with layers of Revlon's mega thick Colorstay foundation! *cries*

Eles mineral Photo Touch Concealer is made with advanced 'skin optic light' technology to diffuse and camoflage dark circles and blemishes while smoothing out fine lines. Rich in vitamins A, C & E, the product conditions, nourishes and hydrates skin whilst protecting against the environment. It's available in 2 shades- Light/Medium and Medium and retails for $59.75. You may think it's quite pricey but wait till you see what it can do!

The concealer comes in a thin stick and is the exact length of my palm. The tube is as simple as you can get- black plastic with white writing and nothing else except a sticker on the bottom indicting the shade. The packaging is a bit light and 'rattle-y' for my liking, especially as the product is so expensive. On the other hand, tube concealers are the most space-saving and more travel friendly in my opinion.

The tube contains 20g of product which should last you quite a while! There is a twist mechanism to elevate the product. All in all, the packaging is really simple and user friendly.

The concealer is thick and has impressively high coverage. I was relieved to find that it matched my yellowish skin tone absolutely perfectly! When used on bare skin, the product tends to tug at the skin a little- so I advise to prep well with hydrating skin care, primer or use it over your foundation/BB cream. Despite being a stick concealer, many of which feel thick and greasy on my skin, it feels weightless, non greasy and makes my skin look flawless and smooth. To test out the product I used it for a week (without any BB cream/foundation underneath) over bare skin to see how it performed on the eyes and blemishes. I found it blends rather averagely with my fingers so I prefer to use a flat foundation brush in a stippling motion which helps the product spread more easily.

Let's see how well it covers the blueish purple veins on my eyelids.

Bam! And the veins are completely gone with one swipe of concealer! The coverage is brilliant and despite this, my eyelids looks natural and not cakey or greasy at all. As you can see, I don't have a problem with eyebags, but if you do I imagine this product will do extremely well at concealing them. I use eyeshadow over the top of this concealer and find that it makes an excellent base- my eye makeup stays on all day. Note I don't have a problem with oily eyelids though. 

My forehead is particularly dry and prone to flaking. Many base products accentuate the flakes which is a definite deal breaker for me because I do have a rather prominent forehead (lol). Take a look at how one swipe of the concealer performs over bare skin!

Apologies for the large macro shot but my forehead looks so hydrated and healthy with not a flake or any redness to be seen! I have never met a concealer with high coverage that does not cake up on my dry skin.

The concealer lasts on my bare skin all day and does not separate, cake or become greasy. I've used it for a week and have not had any breakouts or reactions to it. I can say that it's very suitable for dry skin. In the photo below I am only wearing the Eles concealer applied on my T zone and blended out. No powder, blush or bronzer has been applied- this is how it looks in natural window light.

I think it's obvious what I'm going to say so I'll say it quickly. This product is amazing, I know it's pricey (I understand, I'm a student too!) but for the skin benefits, coverage and finish of this product- I definitely think it's worth it if you have the money. I think my photos are proof! Besides if there's one makeup item you should splurge on, it's concealer or foundation ;). 

*This product was sent to me for free but all photos and opinions are my own.  

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