Etude House Rose and Flowering Nails Review - Easy Ombre Nails!

Thursday, 1 May 2014

Hi all! I have the Etude House Rose and Flowering Nails set in Watery Rose to review for you today. Usually I don't review nail products unless I think there's something really special about them because I'm definitely no nail expert! I think this set is something special. Ever tried and failed to achieve an ombre nail? I have. None of my polishes were the right consistency to make a smooth gradient and my nails ended up looking like blotchy stripes.

I received this set from Etude Global as a gift. I did not have to review this, but I wanted to because it is awesome! The packaging is so girly and cute featuring a rose and lace print with appropriately swirly writing. It comes with 2 nail polishes- No.1 Dewy Rose and No.2 Rosy Blossom as well as 10 lace stickers.

The instructions say to apply base coat, thoroughly apply one desired color or mix and match both colors for a natural rose gradation. The diagram below shows you how to create a gradient nail which is pretty straightforward- paint the base color on, paint 2/3 of the nail the rose color and then top it up with another layer at the tip.

My first attempt at using the product- not bad huh!
The polishes have a thin consistency but are opaque enough such that 3 coats of the Rosy Blossom color is enough to cover the white tips of my nails. The photo doesn't show it but the pale Dewy Rose color is a light pink beige packed with shimmer that reflects light beautifully and has the perfect pearlescent finish. Rosy Blossom is a medium watermelon pink with the same finish. Creating the gradient was so easy, even for a nail noob like me! The polishes are not quick drying but that is easily fixed with a fast dry top coat. 

To make things even better, this polish is very long lasting. The photo above was taken 4 days after application! I have worn it for more than a week now and the polish has just started peeling off the base of my nails, and the tips of my nails look surprisingly good.

As for the lace stickers, they didn't work out so well. They were really stiff and did not want to adhere to my nails at all! That being said, my nails are tiny and very convex in shape. Perhaps these would work on you if you have flatter nails. Either way, I'm not a fan of nail stickers- ombre nails is enough fuss for me to be honest.

This set retails for $12.40 on Ebay and I think this product is worth it, even if the nail stickers don't work!

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  1. Looks amazing on! Reminds me of strawberry milkshake ^^ I love how it simply let you create the ombre effect without having to use a lot of sponges etc and end up being so messy! Next on my to-purchase-list ;)

    ♥Kay | imladiiekay | Beauty & Lifestyle blog ♡

    1. Thank you for your comment! Yes this set is definitely worth the money and would make a great gift as well!