Innisfree Wine Peeling Jelly Softener Review

Thursday, 8 May 2014

Hi everyone! It's been a struggle working through my posts this week because of my new Uni schedule. I've just finished an exam so I have a bit of free time to post more often now. 

When I received my package of goodies from Honestskin, this was the first product that caught my eye. It looks like a miniature wine bottle! I have never come across a wine themed skincare product before and was amused- isn't alcohol supposed to be drying? I curiously tried it and have been using it thrice a week since I got it.

'This hypoallergenic hydrating peeling softener creates a smooth and clear jelly-like skin as it exfoliates dead skin cells and provides moisture with wine'. 

The bottle does not come in a box, just some plastic shrink wrap which is fine with me. Less packaging = less rubbish. The bottle is quite large and contains 180 mL of product which will last you around 4 months if you use it 2-3 times a week.

If I had not read up other blogger reviews, I would not have known that the Korean label could be peeled off to reveal English instructions and ingredients! I wish more Korean companies would incorporate this feature into their products especially as the Korean beauty industry has a large overseas following. And knowing the functions and instructions of how to use a product is super important. Love this feature.

After cleansing, you are supposed to use a cotton pad to sweep the product over your skin before washing it off. I don't like using cotton pads so I do not follow the instructions and instead use my fingers to rub the product into my skin and then rinse.

I'm no expert on ingredients but I see that there isn't many of them and that there are many plant extracts which (I assume) is generally a good thing.

The lid screws off to reveal an open bottle top. The softener is very runny so it's quite hard to control how much product comes out. However I prefer this to those products with a tiny opening where you have to slap it on your palm to get anything out! To exfoliate the whole face you will need 2-3 times the amount you see on my hand below. 

All the reviews I read comment on how the product smells exactly like wine! This definitely does NOT smell like wine to me and smells really sweet, much more like Ribena! Either way, it smells delicious and makes me want to taste it.

As soon as you start rubbing the product on your face little balls start to form and roll over your skin. Don't be fooled into thinking it's your dead skin cells coming off because it's just the product rolling up on itself. How do I know this? I tested the product 6 times in a row on the back of my hand and it balled up the same amount every single time. If it were removing my dead cells, there would be less residue each time, correct? I feel as though the soft balls of product help to gently exfoliate my skin.

The product feels like thick water on my face and dries up quite fast as I rub it in. It is extremely gentle on my face and my skin does feel super hydrated afterwards- for this reason I have been using it in the morning in place of a cleanser to avoid fully stripping my dry skin. 

The pictures do not show much visible difference, but I can definitely say my skin feels super soft, smooth and moisturized! After I use any sort of cleanser my skin always feels the exact opposite- tight and stretched. This product is extremely gentle, perfect for sensitive or dry skin like mine, and succeeds in it's claims of making my skin smooth and moisturized. What more could you ask for?

You can get this product here at Honestskin for $10.50. As always, use my code 6E9A7N67UU to get 5% off, making this product under $10! As always, I cannot get over how cheap these fantastic products are. Perhaps it's because I live in Perth where everything is expensive. Seriously, a bowl of noodles here costs more than $10 -__-. 

*I got this product for free, but as always the photos and opinions are my own.

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