Nature Republic Super Origin Tinted CC Cream Review

Tuesday, 6 May 2014

First of all, thank you Honestskin for providing me with this product for review! As a fan of Nature Republic, I was super excited when I saw this and I have been testing this product all week.

This product is a 'Complete Control' tinted cream with SPF30+ and provides a seamless complexion by preventing skin dehydration. The cream can be used as an alternative to sunscreen or mixed in with a foundation or BB cream. Instructions say to rub into the skin 4-5 times until the cream changes color to match your skin tone.

 It comes in 3 different types: Brightening, Tinted and Color Change. I have the tinted version to review for you today!

There are 7 non-added harmful ingredients, packaging is eco-friendly and recyclable and as always there is braille for the blind. I am all for the environment (I am currently growing my own organic vegetables!) and environmentally friendly products get a thumbs up from me.

The product itself is made of a really nice matte plastic which feels and looks expensive. I love the simple, earth toned color scheme! It has a vacuum pump top like Missha's Perfect Cover BB cream which, from experience, works very well at getting the last of the product out. It also provides superior control over the amount dispensed and is very hygienic! I like this style and type of packaging very much.

 The cream is extremely thick but has the texture and dewy feel of a tinted sunscreen when blended out.  There is a slight sunscreen-y floral scent, which is overall quite pleasant and I doubt anyone would be put off by the scent.

Warning: when blended on the hand, the cream appears thick, drying and cakey! Don't be alarmed though because it performs very differently on the face. I applied the cream directly after my skincare routine and here are the results. All photos were taken in natural daylight.

Note a hint of redness and the pores on my nose.

I rubbed the cream in as instructed hoping it would change color to match my tanned skin, but sadly it did not. The cream remained too light for me, but that aside, I love the hydrating dewy glow it gives my skin. Any redness has been covered up and as you can see, my pores have become almost invisible! I feel like this cream brightens up my skin really well and wish it came in a variety of shades. The coverage is light and the moisturizing texture means that you can only apply a thin layer otherwise the product will cake or streak. In the photos below I only have 1 layer of cream on my face with no concealer or setting powder. Importantly, the cream does not emphasize any flakes which is a must for my dry skin.

On my dry skin, the product lasts around 6-8 hours and starts to separate and rub off around my mouth and chin at the end of long days. Setting powder does prolong it's life, but not significantly. As it's a moisturizing product, the oil control is minimal and will not be suitable for oily skin. I use this on days where I want breathable, light coverage and sun protection- eg. Uni days or running errands.

In natural light. Can you tell how sleep deprived I was that day?
Window Light
I'm wearing my new favorite Nature Republic Eco Crayon Lip Rouge *click for my review* in both photos.

I give this product a 7/10 because it did not change to match my skin like it claimed. You can find this product here at Honestskin for very cheap $13! I think this is a worthwhile product if you have dry skin that is light enough to match most BB creams and doesn't need much coverage. My dry skin will love this product during the oncoming Winter, fingers crossed I get a little paler so it will match me!

 Use my serial code 6E9A7N67UU to get 5% off. That makes this product $12.35! 

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  1. I am huge fan of cc creams, I will try when I run out of my cc 's :D
    Thank you for the review~~

    1. Yes definitely give this one a try, the light formula is perfect for on the go days, just likea tinted moisturiser with skincare benefits ^^. And you can't go wrong for the price!