Physicians Formula Nude Wear: Glowing Nude Powder Review

Friday, 23 May 2014

Hi everyone, I hope you're all having a great weekend! This is the second product I received for review from Physicians Formula's new line of products. I loved the shimmer sticks I reviewed last week, in fact I'm wearing them right now!

Here's the deal on the Glowing Nude powder:
"Beautiful Bare Skin Effect. Skin-Glowing Finish. Look Flawless Without Looking Made Up! Enhances Skin's Natural Glow! Hypoallergenic. Fragrance-Free. Gluten Free. Paraben-Free. Non-Comedogenic. Dermatologist approved." I have the shade Medium.

That is the first time I've seen a makeup product marked as 'gluten free'! I wonder if gluten has an effect on the skin?

The packaging, just like the shimmer strips, is adorable! The pink leather material is cushion-y and so nice to hold (and squish!). I love looking at these products as much as I like using them. 

Inside we have 4 shades of powder that can be swirled together to create different shades for different skin tones. The 'Nude Wear' writing is glittery and comes off easily as you swipe a brush over it. I swirled my brush around several times to get rid of the glitter before using the product to get a true impression of the powder. 

I tend to swirl my brush in all but the darkest color to use all over my face. The darkest color makes a decent light nose contouring powder for my skin tone.

The brush lives in the 2nd compartment and is of the same quality as the shimmer sticks and again I don't care for it as it's rough and sheds. I would much prefer the palette be thinner and not come with a brush.

Below is a swatch of all 4 powders mixed together on my bare hand. I was expecting it to be a matte, medium coverage powder due to how it looks in the pan, but I was surprised at how it turned out! It has a pearlescent quality about it which is subtle, yet definitely sets it apart from ordinary powders. It is also extremely fined milled but does not kick up a lot of dust as you use it.

The instructions say to apply it either over moisturised skin or base makeup. Here I applied it over (mostly) bare skin- my under eyes and nose corners have been concealed with my Eles concealer. The coverage is very light, almost translucent, and I wouldn't recommend using this by itself unless you have seriously perfect skin. My face is dry and prone to flaking especially with powder products, and surprisingly the shimmer in this product does not emphasise it like I thought it would! My skin feels moisturised and really does look like it's glowing.

All I'm wearing is a small amount of concealer on troubled areas and the nude powder on top! Some imperfections are showing through, but my skin looks healthy and most importantly, not cakey.

Overall, I love the glowing finish of this powder and it does everything it claims- my dry skin looks alive and healthy without looking made up! However, if you are looking for a powder with coverage, this isn't for you. The lasting power is good on my skin- but then again I hardly have problems with this because my skin is dry. It may perform differently on oily skin. 

You can get it for $29.95 at Priceline. I think that's too much for a powder, especially when the brush is unusable. So definitely wait for a sale!

Thank you Physicians Formula for sending me out these products to review!

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