Babydoll from Sucker Punch Cosplay Makeup Look

Sunday, 22 June 2014

So it's Supanova time again! For those who don't know, its an Australia-wide Con catering to popular culture and I'm going as Babydoll from Sucker Punch- the movie everyone hated but I didn't mind, mostly because of the fight scenes *shrug*. I have a thing for girls who can fight, my second choice was to cosplay as Julia Chang from Tekken!

This look is completely different from my typical natural Korean look, so prepare to be surprised.

The platinum blonde wig is from The Wig Outlet and is called the Supermodel Long Platinum Blonde wig and cost $28.99. The shipping is super fast I got it 3 days after I ordered! Majorly impressed!

Here are some photos from the movie for reference:

One of the key points to Babydoll's look is her eye makeup which cannot be replicated with my natural brown eyes. I bought the Geo Bella Blue lenses from keep in mind that they do not update the tracking status on your account so don't freak out like I did when I checked a week later and it still said 'processing'.

I chose them because they looked like a natural medium blue and I didn't want anything too unnatural and bright. They cost $25.95 and come with a free lens case.

They are fairly comfortable in my eyes and I can wear them for around 6 hours. They appear a lot darker on my eye than I expected and tend to give that beady 'shark' look when I'm in indoor light which is unfortunate. They are rather pretty in the sun though as you can see below but you can see my natural eye color showing through the middle of the lens. I think I should have chosen a lighter lens for this look, but it will have to do!

Babydoll's eye makeup is fairly simple but the eye contour takes some time to perfect. Cover your eyelid in a champagne shimmer color (Sin from Naked palette) and contour the crease with a dark brown eyeshadow (mix of Buck and Darkhorse), going higher than your natural crease. Highlight the brow bone with Sin. Wing out some black eyeliner and finish with a 1-2 pairs of thick, long eyelashes. I am wearing one pair here but will layer another pair for the actual con.

Line the bottom eyelid with a matte brown, drawing it a few mm underneath your natural lash line to enlarge your eyes. Finish with Sin (again) in the tear duct area.

Keep the eyebrows extremely lightly defined- I just used Buck to fill them in lightly.

I lightened my skin with Lioele's Triple the Solution BB Cream and set it with BRTC's Jasmine Moist Pact for a soft, silky skin finish.

I contoured my nose bridge to make it look slimmer. The next key point of this makeup is Babydoll's flushed pink cheeks. I used a combination of a peach and light pink blush with shimmer applied heavily over the apples of my cheeks to get this look. Finish with a strong shimmery highlight down the nose and cheekbones. 

Some tutorials say to use a pale pink lipstick, but looking at Babydoll's photos, her lips are actually a darker MLBB pink. I used Revlon's Superlustrous lipstick in Blushing Mauve.

I hope you enjoyed this look! I'll be updating more photos with my costume next week!

Did I recreate Babydoll's look well?

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