BRTC Aqua Rush Cream Review

Saturday, 5 July 2014

One of my favorite brands I have been introduced to from Bntnews is BRTC and I am always so happy when I see the distinctive colorful, yet clinical packaging!

This cream is part of the Aqua Rush system which is a basic skincare line for supplying constant moisture and nutrients to dehydrated skin. The Aqua Rush Cream provides moisture and nourishment to dry and rough skin. It forms a moisture barrier on the skin to prevent moisture loss, leaving it feeling smooth and supple. It contains various marine brightening ingredients that provide dull and lifeless skin with radiance and vitality.

It is to be used twice a day after applying toner.

I like that every product from BRTC is coherent to the brand image, even if they are from different product lines. The look is 'clinical' but is juxtaposed with bright colors making it more attractive (to me anyway).

The cream releases moisture as you rub it in, reminding me of two products from the last box- my Sorabee Balancing Cream and the M-Chloi Hyaluronic acid cream both of which turned into water droplets upon rubbing. Unfortunately I did not like either of those creams, so I was hoping this one would turn out to be different, and it did!

I love the fresh blue color of the pot! The cream inside looks soft, watery and glistening full of moisture.

The cream is relatively solid when you scoop it out of the jar and feels quite thick. When you rub it in, it does break down into a thinner, clearer version but it does not turn into water drops. It coats my skin in a substantially thick layer of moisture and absorbs very well with a cooling sensation on my face. It has a light, fresh smell which I enjoy. 

I would describe the moisture level as moderate and I think this would be adequate to use by itself on my dry skin during Summer. In the Winter my skin is very dry so I need the help of an additional moisturizer for my skin to feel completely comfortable.

Overall, my skin likes this cream a lot as it absorbs fast and hydrates my skin well. My skin condition was really good prior to using this cream so I can't gage any skin improvement per se. It definitely does not break me out though and I think this is a great moisturizer suitable for normal to dry skin.

The BRTC Aqua Rush cream is quite hard to find online, but I do recommend it if you happen to find it!

*I received this product for free for review purposes. All opinions are honest and my own

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