Daycell Dr.Vita Vitamin C Whitening Cream Review

Friday, 20 June 2014

I received this Daycell Dr.Vita cream in this month's Bnt box, as always thank you Bnt News for providing such a generous selection of skincare products!

The Daycell Dr.Vita creams come in 5 types- Vitamin AC, A, B and C and each targets a different skin condition. 

Vita A Cream : Wrinkle Care
Vita B Cream : Trouble Care
Vita C Cream : Brightening Effect
Vita E Cream : Eye Care
Vita AC Cream : Whitening & Wrinkle repair

I have the Vitamin C cream which has a brightening function for dull skin. It contains 10% pure vitamin C which is supposedly the ingredient behind the whitening effect.

As exemplified by the info flyer above, the 'Doctor' theme is very literal throughout the packaging. Everything about the box and container looks very clinical which makes the brand appear more trustworthy. Personally I would prefer something a little less literal and a little more girly.

The tube does not stand, so you will have to make do with it laying it down flat on your dresser. Seeing as there are many creams in this line (chances are people are more likely to buy the others if they like one type) I think it would be better if they could stand next to each other like comrades, but that's just my opinion. 

The metal cap twists off and there is a thin nozzle underneath which reminds me of an eye dropper or some sort of measuring tool.

This cream is definitely on the heavy side. It's very thick when dispensed and does not rub into the skin easily, in fact I can feel my face warm up from the friction created between my fingers and skin as I rub it in! Even to my dry skin, the cream feels heavy and greasy for the whole day when I wear this cream. I had a feeling that my skin was going to break out from it and lo and behold- it did. It's strange how different creams give me pimples in different areas of my face, in this case it was around my nose and you can see the evidence in my My Beauty Diary Egg Gommage Scrub review

The sheen you see on the back of my hand lasted the whole day on my face and I felt like this product was not absorbing into my skin, but coating it. After I started breaking out around my nose I ceased using it.

Even though I have dry skin, I found this cream to be too heavy and pore clogging for me. Each time after I applied it, I felt like I was wearing heavy, greasy foundation and couldn't wait to wash my face when I got home! And of course causing pimples is just a no no. Sadly, I didn't like this product. I wonder if all the other Vitamin creams in the line have the same texture as this. Has anyone tried any of them?

You can buy this cream on Ebay for $21.

*I received this product for free for review purposes. All opinions are honest and my own

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