How To Make your Hair Grow Faster? My Hair Care Routine!

Wednesday, 11 June 2014

So 3 months ago I chopped a whopping 5 inches off my hair. Yes I did it at home with paper scissors, because I couldn't be bothered to pay for a hairdresser- what's the point if you prefer one length hair! On the weekend I realised that my hair was 'suddenly' long again. Since birth I have never had nice hair- it's always been dry, sparse and somewhat coarse, nothing like the silky straight shiny hair my sister was blessed with. I remember in my teens I cut my long hair to shoulder length, hated it, and then had to wait for it grow out long again. I remember agonizing over how long it was taking my hair to grow. It ended up taking 2 whole years to reach my desired length because my hair was growing so slowly- far slower than normal I think.

According to good ol' Wiki, the average rate of hair growth is 1.25cm a month. In 3 months my hair should have grown around 3-4cm. Instead I think it grew at least double that! Here are some pictures for proof.

3 months ago- the waves make it look a little shorter than it really was.
Now- My hair is almost over my boobs!

All of a sudden my hair is long again and I didn't even realize it. Not to mention it's probably in the best condition of my life! I thought this would be a good time to list my haircare products as they may help others who want their hair to grow faster. Note I am very lazy when it comes to my hair so I only use 3 products consistently and I almost never style it.

My Simple Hair Care Routine
*I have reviewed all of these products so clink on the hyperlinks for more information! 

1. I exclusively wash my hair with Lush solid shampoos. My favorite is Godiva because it stops my scalp from becoming dry.

2. I condition with Lush's American cream conditioner. This keeps my hair soft and smells so good!

 3. As a weekly treatment I use Lush's Retread Conditioner as a mask to intensively hydrate my hair.

And that's all folks! I think the solid shampoos are the main player in my rapid hair growth. I would highly recommend them!

External products aside, I eat extremely healthily. I do not eat any dairy and have meat, bread and wheat very occasionally. I drink bucket loads of water and herbal teas. I also use a lot of health foods in my diet such as organic coconut oil, chia seeds, cacao and quinoa. I do believe my diet has played a part in my hair growth too! Let me know if anyone is interested in what I eat (lol, I doubt it!).

Does your hair grow fast or or is it more on the slow side?

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