Jubly-Umph Earrings are Awesome! (Not Sponsored!)

Thursday, 3 July 2014

Hi all! Now I'm not really an 'accessories person', simply because I'm lazy to switch my jewellery up daily. I much prefer hardy, staple pieces that I can just leave on through rain, shine and showers. But every now and then I see something that I really like and make a very rare purchase.

I stumbled across the sweetest stall at this years Supanova convention which stocked accessories by the brand Juby-Umph. I spent ages trying to pick out which earrings I wanted because they were all so unique and appealing to me!

"Jubly-Umph is a Melbourne artist who paints pictures in watercolours and indian ink creating characters with mysterious eyes and curious occupations. 

Her lovely lady heads are instantly recognisable and owning one is like being in a secret club. She is influenced by traditional tattoos, folk art and Victorian sentimental ephemera."

These are the two pairs of earrings I purchased for $12 each.

 Find the Fox studs here.

My favorite were these sparrow in a cloud studs! Unfortunately they are not on the web store though. 

In honor of the fox, I slapped on my Body Shop Color Crush lipstick in the shade Cutie Coral and bronzed up my eyes in orange shades.

These pieces are on my wishlist:

*sigh* I love them all! The only problem is that my right ear seems to be having a slight reaction to the metal and is feeling itchy after 3 days of continuous wear. My left ear is fine though- isn't that weird? On the website it cites that all studs are made of either stainless steel or silver coated stainless steel, so technically I shouldn't have any problems...

Check out Jubly-Umph! They do worldwide shipping as well as a variety of accessories and artwork.

As stated in the title, I was not sponsored/paid to do this post. I'm just doing it because I want to!

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