Luk Beautifood Natural Lipstick Review

Thursday, 5 June 2014

When I was contacted to review a luk beautifood 100% natural lipstick, I jumped at the chance! With a line up of delicious flavors such as: lemon & mint, orange & juniper and chai shimmer, who wouldn't want to try one! Thank you Kristina for sending me out one to review.

Some company info:
"At luk beautifood we are all about lips. If you only have a moment to look like you have made an effort – a touch of colour or lustre on your lips is perfect.  From lip balms and lipstick to lip glosses and tints, every girl has a few. Do you know any woman that doesn’t?"- Luk website

Luk makes only one range of lippies – a menu of 7 sheer natural lipsticks made from delicious skin foods. They (and I) believe ‘what goes on goes in’ so ingredients are non toxic and edible. I requested the lemon & mint flavor which contains avocado, castor and sesame oil as it's top 3 ingredients. Yes, all 3 of these are edible and better for you than most of the nasty stuff that goes into commercial lip products! This shade is described as 'the perfect Nude shade' with sheer, warm tea rose tones to even out your lip colour with touch of lustre.

The packaging of this product is really unique. The lipstick is not packaged in a box, but wrapped in a colorful fruity cloth which feels like a glasses cleaning cloth. I'm not sure whether it's actually supposed to be a glasses cleaning cloth but that's how I used it! Yay for multifunctional packaging.

The tube is also unusual, and unlike anything in my collection. It's made of a white, slightly rubbery material which feels really expensive and grippy to hold. The tube is also really thin and chic with a tiny rim of bright yellow at the bottom. 

And I must mention the delicious scent! It is strong enough that I could smell it before I opened it! As a fan of both lemons and mint, I think it smells absolutely heavenly and makes me want to smother this stuff all over my lips.

Gold and white is one of my absolute favorite color combinations.

The actual lipstick looks quite dark in the tube, but on the lips it turns sheer giving my lips an even 'milky' wash of color.

I find the lipstick to be a little dry and it tugs a little as I apply it over my bare lips, but as soon as the initial layer is there, it becomes smooth to reapply. My lips feel beautifully hydrated and have a slight sheen after applying this, without feeling sticky or glossy. It is thicker than a gloss and thinner than a lipstick in texture and stays for at least 3 hours before I get the urge to reapply. Due to the sheer, natural finish and addictive scent of this product, I have been treating it more as a lip balm (no mirror needed!) than a lipstick and have been reapplying it so often! Now I'm afraid it will run out!

In case you're wondering, it doesn't actually taste like lemon and mint which is definitely a good thing, otherwise mine would be all gone! There is no discernible taste to me.

Pouty photo complete with dewy skin and my luk lipstick. Ya'll know I only post photos of me holding a product if I really love it!

As I get older I'm becoming more and more health conscious. First  it was bikram yoga, then it was growing my own organic veges and now I'm becoming more interested in natural makeup. I associate most natural/organic makeup brands with 'out of my budget' but these luk lipsticks are surprisingly affordable at $24.95 each. I would definitely consider repurchasing these (I want them all!) and think they would make perfect gifts for my family and friends. I highly recommend!

Check out the luk website here. It's bright, fun and informative!

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