Perth Supanova 2014, N3RD Post Alert!

Friday, 27 June 2014

Perth Supanova happened last weekend, right smack bang in the middle of my clinic entrance exams! Any normal chiropractic student would have stayed at home to study, but it's Supanova, one of the best weekends of the year so I just couldn't pass up going!

Click here to see my Babydoll makeup guide!
This year the event was held at the Convention Centre and despite many negative reviews of the new venue (too crowded, no parking etc), I thought it was fantastic! It was super easy to hop on the train a few stops away (always so fun catching public transport whilst wearing cosplay) and the venue was all in one place, not spread out like the Claremont Showgrounds which meant you didn't have to go outside and face the weather elements at all. 

My one complaint was concerning the cosplay competition. It went for far too long, there were too many entrants and the hosts were getting flustered trying to rush through them all. What is usually a super entertaining show became kinda... boring really. There were a few cool skits and costumes amongst it all, but most of the costumes were sub par- one girl (don't remember her character) was literally wearing a purple top and jeans! 

I understand that the organisers want to give everyone a chance, and it is a really nice gesture.  However, next year I hope they introduce heats to filter the contestants because the audience was just really bored, we couldn't even stand to stay till the end!

A rare couple photo. Yanto went as a half-hearted Brock from Pokemon... He didn't want any photos taken of his costume.
I hardly took any pictures this year as it was really crowded and there were too many stalls to see! I was also really disappointed that Jamie Lannister pulled out days before the con (typical), because he was the only person I wanted to see and take a fan photo with. Thus, I didn't even sit in on any panels this year. At least Yanto was able to get 3 books signed by Robin Hobb, one of his favorite fantasy authors. She even told him she might name a character after him in her next book! *squeals*

So this is my Babydoll costume, which you can buy here for half the price I bought it at 3 years ago! It's quite well made- I only loosened the elastic in the skirt because it was giving me a muffin top -__-. I also bought a new belt from Kmart because the provided one was rather ratty and cheap looking. See my Babydoll makeup guide on where to get this wig.

Now here goes with the extremely few photos I took this year. So many people were taking photos of me that it reminded me of when I won Miss Chinese WA and there was literally a line of people waiting to take photos with me! I felt like the attention was undeserved- there were so many better cosplayers than I, and I didn't even sew my own costume. *ashamed*
Amazing Dota 2 cosplayers competing in the cosplay competition.
One of the best Elsa's I saw that day.
Babydoll, Loki and Misty.
OMG AMAZING MUCH?!!! I can't even comprehend how they made this!
Having a live LoL tournament was new this year and it attracted many nerds to the main stage.

Amazing, yet again. I was super impressed by the level of cosplay lurking about.

As always, it was a great day. I wanted to buy lots of things but limited myself to 2 pairs of earrings by an awesome brand, Jubly-Umph which I hope to post about in a few weeks. 

I just wish I took more photos! If you're interested to see more cosplays, check out this album by Blue Dragon Photography. 

Next year I plan on cosplaying as my favorite character from Tekken Tag Tournament 2, Jaycee! She's so sexy! And I want to sew it all on my own, so I better make a start.

Did you go to Supanova? Are you into Cosplay?

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