Pevonia Dry Skin Cream Review- The Product Behind my Improved Skin!

Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Lately on Instagram (@kim_kine), I have been receiving many positive comments about my skin.

I am so flattered and surprised as no one has really mentioned my skin before, despite my feed containing a lot of selfies *guilty*. Anyway, the truth is, it has improved a lot and I am 100% sure it is the Pevonia Dry Skin Cream, recommended to me by the lovely Kanya, that has been making the difference. If you are a reader of my blog, you will know I have dry, sensitive skin that is prone to flaking.

Product info:
Nourish, smooth, and tone! Rejuvenating Dry Skin Cream with triphase homogenized technology energizes and oxygenates your complexion. Scientifically proven pear seed extract counteracts dryness and diminishes lines, wrinkles for a rejuvenated, hydrated appearance. Offering UV protection, this fabulous cream effectively combats skin atrophy.
  • Eliminates dryness
  • Repairs and smoothes fine lines
  • Deeply nourishing
  • Stimulating and oxygenating
  • Tonifying and anti-aging
  • Environmental shield
It contains key ingredients such as squalene, pear seed extract, royal jelly and shea butter to nourish the skin. Not to mention, all Pevonia products are organic! No nasty, harmful ingredients here.

The packaging is very fitting to the brand and gives off a clean, calming vibe.

 The instructions are to apply the cream after cleansing in the morning or evening. I have been doubling up and using it both morning and evening. 

The jar is quite unusually shaped and I am wondering whether it will be hard to scoop the product out from the sides once the amount drops below the dip. Other than that, I like the jar as it's very weighty and feels luxurious.

The cream itself is extremely thick and solid in the jar. It doesn't move or wobble at all when I tip the jar, so don't worry about it spilling or leaking during travel. 

The cream is extremely thick and luxurious- one of the thickest I have ever experienced. Unlike most Korean creams I have been trialling, it does not turn watery and 'melt' as it spreads across the skin but instead coats the skin in a thick layer of moisture. I suppose you could liken the texture to a sunscreen. The amount you see below would be enough to cover both of my cheeks and my chin. I would describe the moisturizing level as 'extreme'! I apply this morning and night after cleansing and my skin drinks it up immediately.

The scent is delightfully floral and not heady at all which makes me really enjoy applying this cream!

Over the first few days of using this product I got 3 tiny pimples on my chin. They were more like clogged pores and were nothing like an allergic reaction or cystic acne. When I noticed this happening, I put it down to the richness of the cream so I altered my skincare routine and started cleansing in the morning instead of just using a softener (read my skincare routine and this will make sense). The pimples disappeared and I did not have one since. 

This is what my skin looks like after absorbing the product. There is no dewy finish, but my skin feels really plump, smooth and soft. It is so hydrated that I do not need another product to top up the moisture.

Strangely, after using this product for 3-4 weeks, I feel that my skin texture has changed. After cleansing, it used to dry out and become itchy within minutes of leaving the shower! Nowadays, despite using the same cleansers, my skin does not dry out as fast, and I have not seen a flake since starting to use this cream. When I apply certain drier texture BB creams (Lioele Beyond the Solution), my skin looks incredibly dewy, when before it looked caked. My skin seems to have switched types from dry to normal. Is that possible?!

This cream did wonders for my skin. It really did improve my skin texture noticeably within 3 weeks and my skin has never looked better- I think the Instagram comments prove it! If you have dry skin I would highly recommend this cream because it is so hydrating- but keep in mind that it is very heavy so perhaps follow the instructions (unlike me) and use it once a day.

It retails on the Pevonia website for $112.50 making it the most expensive cream I have ever tried! Seems that in this case, your money will buy you quality. I love this product and I am so happy to bring Pevonia to your attention!

*I received this product for free for review purposes. All opinions are honest and my own

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